The first tag between “The Kindaichi Case Files” author Kibayashi Shin and Netflix! The original anime “Lady Napoleon” has been announced

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Kibayashi Shin, known as the original creator of "The Kindaichi Case Files" and "Bloody Monday", "The Drops of God", etc., is working together with "Netflix" to produce a new original anime. The title was revealed to be "Lady Napoleon" with the information on the production staff. 

"Lady Napoleon" is an action fantasy about the organization "Lady Napoleon" that is aiming for world domination and it is headed by the descendant of the famous emperor Napoleon, Sophie. Sophie along with the butler handyman, Butler, and the martial art expert, Guy, are traveling around the world to look for the "3 Artifacts" that Napoleon once possessed.

Kibayashi has partnered with "Netflix" in February 2020 to develop the new project, and the first work of this partnership is this original anime, "Lady Napoleon".

The currently under-development characters art and the staff information have been revealed. The director is Akitaya Noriaki, who is the episode director of "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion", and the animation production is handled by Zero-G, who handled the "High-Rise Invasion" from the "Netflix" anime series. As the information on the cast members and broadcast period had yet to be announced, please do look forward to future announcements.


Original Creator: Kibayashi Shin ("The Kindaichi Case Files" and "Bloody Monday", "The Drops of God")

Director: Akitaya Noriaki ("Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" as episode director, "Bakuman")

Production: Zero-G ("High-Rise Invasion", "Grand Blue Dreaming", "Battery")


Worldwide streaming on Netflix (13 episodes are planned)

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