The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 1 Review - Wein Wants to Sell off His Kingdom

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Warning: Spoilers ahead

The camera opens on Crown Prince Wein Salema Arbalest of the Natra Kingdom. On his right side is beautiful Ninym Ralei, his Aide. Prince Wein is addressing his liegemen. He’s very dignified, and they seem to love and respect him. 

As soon as they leave, his persona totally changes. He starts whining about how hard it is to run Natra because it’s so disadvantageous, has few wealthy resources, all kinds of problems. And his plan is to sell off the country as soon as he can, but first making it more appealing to gain more riches. Ninym is the only one who knows this side of Wein. At this point, CG is used well to move the camera all over the place at high speeds. Interesting technique.

Wein’s little sister Falanya comes into the room and Wein goes back to being dignified. She reports that their ill father is feeling a little better. But Wein lets her know that now is not a good time to expect anything of the king. As Natra is about to go to war. The neighboring kingdom Marden has just earned wealth after discovering a goldmine on its land. The king of Marden is unpopular and wants to defeat the weak nation of Natra as an easy win to gain popularity with his people.

But Falanya and her bodyguard, Nanaki Ralei, let Wein know that his liegemen have faith they will win the war. In reality, Wein thinks war is a terrible idea that will cost way too much money.

And in less than 10 minutes from the start of the anime, we get a war scene! The genius Wein is able to motivate his troops. Marden’s army looks tough, but Natra’s army was able to gain proper training from the Empire. So in the beginning, Natra is winning.

Marden’s overwhelming numbers eventually turn the tide. Because of the Marden general’s overconfidence, the general takes a unit to go straight for Wein (who is general of Natra). They attack on horse.

Wein and his liegemen pretend to flee on horse through a canyon. The Marden general’s unit follows, and they’re ambushed from above by Ninym’s unit. 

Everyone in the Marden unit dies out except for the general. Ninym holds his at sword point and tells him to surrender. The prideful bastard does not, so Ninym cuts off his head! I didn’t expect this anime to get so gory!

The Natra army waves the general’s head on a spear in front of the Marden army. The Marden army is defeated after losing their motivation and retreats the battle.

The liegemen want Wein to order an assault on Marden. Wein secretly feels it’s foolish to do such a thing right after the battle. So he tries to trick his liegemen by suggesting an impossible mission - take over Marden’s goldmine. Truth is, that’s what the liegemen have been wanting to do! So they praise him! And by a miracle, take over the mine, to Wein’s surprise.

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