The manga version of Netflix’s anime “Eden” will be published at “Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic”! Character cut of child-Sara has been announced

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The manga version of Netflix's anime "Eden", which will be streamed worldwide from May 27, 2021, has been specially published in the "Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic June Issue Miracoro Grand Prix Spring" (released on April 30).

"Eden" is a science fiction adventure that brings together talented creators from around the world, including director Irie Yasuhiro, known for "FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST", and Justin Leach producer of "Innocence".

Eden is set in a world rich in nature led by the leader Robot Zero (CV: Yamadera Koichi) where only robots live.

In this world where "humans are evil", E92 (CV: Itou Kentaro) and A37 (CV: Hikami Kyoko) who are agricultural robots, one day happen to discover a capsule containing a "human baby" named Sarah (CV: Kouno Marika) and decided to hide and raise her.

Two robots and one person grow up a "bond" like real parents and child...

This time, prior to the worldwide exclusive streaming on Netflix, following the serialization in "Young King Hours GH" by Isomoto Tsuyoshi, the manga version by Yamada Kazuyoshi has been published in "Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic June issue Miracoro Grand Prix Spring". At the same time, a character cut depicting child Sarah was also unveiled.

"Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic June issue Miracoro Grand Prix Spring" has been released on April 30.

Draft / Producer Justin Leach

■ About the manga version serialization in 2 magazines

I'm really happy to see Eden's story turned into a manga. In this anime, my goal was to create a story that would appeal to viewers around the world, regardless of age or gender. In Hollywood, we use the term "Four quadrants" to describe a story that appeals to a wide range of people.

To achieve this goal, we partnered with two prominent comic publishers to help connect the story between children and adults.

■ About manga adaptation in the Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic

It was a great honor for me to publish the manga in the "Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic". Shogakukan is a brand with a very long history, so I am very grateful for this opportunity. The story of Eden is designed to be familiar to children, with pastel colors and cute character designs. It is drawn from the perspective of a child growing up in an unfamiliar world. Yamada-sensei made a really cute and attractive version of the character. I hope that the children will grow up with Sarah and feel positive about nature and their obligation to protect it.

■ About the manga serialized in Young King Hours GH

This was something I hadn't imagined. I enjoy working with Isomoto-sensei and the team of Shonen Gahosha. They further expanded the world of Eden and made the background of the story more magnificent. Isomoto-sensei is also an expert on motorcycles, so he was particular about the details and was able to strengthen the world view of the original. I hope many adults will travel this world with their characters.

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