The movie that won 8 awards at various international animation film festivals! ‘Away’, which was created alone by a Latvian rookie creator , will be released in Japan

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"Away", an animated long film that was created alone by Gints Zilbalodis, a Latvian rookie creator alone, will be released on Dec. 11, 2020.

The poster visual, trailer, and comments from Zilbalodis, who managed all the positions by himself as producer, director, editor, and songwriter, have also been revealed.

"Away" is a road movie that features a beautiful journey of a boy, who was on a plane that crash-landed on an island, and runs through various places there on a motorcycle. It is a non-speaking long animation film, and conveys the director's thoughts through philosophical metaphors.

Gints Zilbalodis, a Latvian rookie creator, spent three years to create the film by himself. In the 'Annecy International Animation Film Festival', which is one of the most prestigious and largest-scale international animation film festivals, it became the first generation to win the grand prize on Contrechamp category, which was newly established in 2019 and is targeted toward experimental, innovative long films.

Following that, it has won a total of 8 awards in various international animation film festivals, was shortlisted for Best Animated Feature Film in the '92nd Academy Awards', and was nominated for Outstanding Music in '47th Annie Awards'.

The trailer and poster have a design that make you imagine what will be waiting for the protagonist. Please look forward to the first long film created with all his heart by "highly anticipated creator from Europe", who has been influenced by Japanese animation works since his childhood.

The animated long film "Away" will be released from Dec. 11, 2020 at Shinjuku Musashino-Kan and other theaters.

Gints Zilbalodis

'Away' includes my very personal point of view, so I am really grateful and excited to deliver it to all over the world.

I'm so happy that it will be released in Japan, the place that has had a great influence on me.

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