The number of audiences brings a big towel have increased! “Violet Evergarden: The Movie”‘s revenue has exceeded 1.1 billion JPY!

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"Violet Evergarden: The Movie", currently on screening, has appeared in the TOP3 weekly audience ranking for three consecutive weeks, and it had taken the first place in the screen average. The emotional comments have appeared continuously on social media, and audiences bringing "replaceable mask" and "big towel" have increased after referring to the online comment.

"Violet Evergarden" is the TV anime series by Kyoto Animation that had been broadcast in 2018. It has become a hot topic as the work’s setting is overflowing with feelings and it portrays the delicate sentimental feelings of the characters.

The brand-new "Violet Evergarden: The Movie" was released on September 18, and it had recorded a total of 781,817 audiences and revenue of 1.117 billion JPY for the 17 days period.

Among the movies, inclusive of new movies, that were available in over 300 theatres, it had obtained the 3rd place in the weekly ranking in 153 theatres, and it has appeared in the TOP 3 for three consecutive weeks.

It has also recorded a screen average of 840,739 JPY and had taken the 1st place three consecutive weeks after topping the popular movies.

Also, it has obtained a high rating in various movies reviewing website, and the praise and emotional comments have kept appearing in the social media.

The audiences bringing "replaceable mask" and "big towel", to prepare for their tears, have increased after referring to the online comment, and it is known as the "currently most tear-jerking movie".

"Violet Evergarden: The Movie" is currently available at theatres.

(C)Akatsuki Kane, Kyoto Animation/Violet Evergarden Production Committee

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