The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 - Episode 3 and 4 Review - Naofumi's Party Runs into Glass, L'arc and Therese!

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 Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Episode 3
Following The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 - Episode 2, Naofumi and the alliance put their plan into action to kill the Spirit Tortoise! Eclair leads a battalion. Raphtalia, Naofumi, Rishia, Granny and Ost ride a cart drawn by Filo. Countless soldiers on the ground march into battle and Naofumi is able to raise their spirits by riding past them with the Shield Hero flag up! What a difference from the previous season.

Ost is able to use a spell that brings down many tortoise familiars by controlling gravity. Granny, Filo and Raphtalia are also able to kill many familiars.

The military uses ballistas to wound the Spirit Tortoise’s leg enough to make it fall, stopping its forward progression. The assault also includes bombs and explosives. The Spirit Tortoise Kingdom’s commander sacrifices himself to set off the explosives.

The forces move in to focus on cutting off the Tortoise’s neck. But now that the Tortoise is immobilized, it basically launches infinite projectile rockets to protect itself. More cannon fodder soldiers are lost.

Naofumi’s party tries to get to the neck to destroy it themselves. Mages activate the Judgment spell. A boss familiar type tries to slow down Naofumi, but soldiers throw themselves at it so Naofumi’s party can continue on.

Judgment is able to create a cut in the neck, but it’s still attached. Naofumi, Raphtalia and Filo work together to finish cutting it off, with Ost powering up their attack. It works and the head finally comes off! But Ost does not vanish, meaning the Spirit Tortoise is still alive!

Episode 4
Naofumi’s party decide they need to get on top of the Spirit Tortoise’s mountainous back. They suspect Ost will remember how to destroy the Tortoise if she goes there, and they hope they’ll learn something about its weakness.

Since it’s as big as a mountain and a tough climb, they even camp on the Tortoise!

Later, they stumble upon a village on the back, where the people have been completely killed by the Tortoise. It’s a disturbing sight, especially for Raphtalia.

Mirellia meets up with them to investigate. They enter a shrine with ancient writing. And learn a little more. A previous Cardinal Hero wrote text in Japanese there, but it’s so old Naofumi can’t understand it completely.

At this same time, conveniently, Ost remembers that the weak point for the Tortoise is inside of it, its heart. Shocker. 

Eclair and Granny head off the Tortoise so they can direct the army if the Tortoise revives and moves again. The rest enter the Tortoise’s intestine.

Naofumi’s party runs into L’arc, Glass and Therese!

Honestly, this ep was weak. It jumps around too much and doesn’t explain things well, like why the other three Cardinal Heroes are in the Tortoise. Instead, it focuses on something I don’t care about - Rishia’s back story and her character development.

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