The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 - Episode 7 Review - Naofumi's Party Meet Kizuna Kazayama on a Prison Island

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

After ​​The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 - Episode 6, Naofumi wakes up from Rishia nudging him. After jumping into Kyo’s portal, they find themselves trapped in a prison and separated from Filo and Raphtalia! Immediately, Naofumi thinks it’s Kyo’s doing. But things aren’t as they first seem. For one, Raphtalia was actually with them, hiding in some hay! But she’s reverted to her tiny self. And all three of them have had their stats restarted back to Level 1. So they’re all weak AF.

And they’re not actually imprisoned. The prison door was unlocked. So they start to exit the prison, when Rishia notices someone has been living there.

Outside the prison, it’s almost as if the party has been teleported elsewhere. They’re on an artificial island. It has waves, but no wind. And there is a barrier that blocks them from seeing anything beyond the horizon. So the whole place is a prison dimension. Called the Infinite Labyrinth.

While exploring the island, Naofumi’s party comes across weak monsters. Just like when Naofumi started the isekai, he works together with Rishia and Raphtalia so they all level up. Killing weird new creatures like White Cardboard and Big-Face Rabbit. But leveling up is a slow process and not worth the time.

Then the party is ambushed by a monster too powerful for them, a kappa. It starts clawing away at Naofumi. Raphtalia and Rishia hit up with their weapons, but the party is too weak to do any damage to the kappa. Luckily, a loli hag named Kizuna Kazayama shows up. She’s a Cardinal Hero - the Hunting Hero to be specific.  She kills the monster easily.

Kizuna takes them back to the prison - she’s the one who was living there. She explains that she was captured by an enemy country in her world years ago, and stuck on this island alone ever since. She’s also a Japanese person that was summoned to an isekai world. What an unusual coincidence (not). And her friends are the Vassal Heroes L’arc and Glass. When Naofumi learns this, he really starts to distrust her.

But Kizuna proves her weapons can’t harm them in this prison. So they sit down and have a meal together. Raphtalia is embarrassed but is still hungry because her body is growing from leveling up. Kizuna finds her cute.

Anyways, Naofumi says they’re gonna bust out of this place. Kizuna tells her she’s been trying that for years and so far has found it impossible. But she does have one idea.

She takes them to a church. There’s a hole in the wall there that seems to line up with a barrier that covers the island. Naofumi calls this a bug, and a bug can be exploited. 

Naofumi is not high enough level, so he asks Kizuna to make/modify a Bio Plant Seed. He tosses it into a small hole in the ground inside the church, and it grows like crazy. So much that the walls and ceilings of the church can not contain it. It makes the church explode! 

The opening at the bottom of the church is a hole in the barrier. So Naofumi, Rishia and Raphtalia jump down into it together. Kizuna is hesitant at first, but finally decides to join them.

They land in the real world. At least, not a prison one. Kizuna cries with joy and hugs everyone for helping her get out. She’s finally free! 

But what about Filo?? They didn’t even take any time to search for her on that prison island.

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