The winner of “Manga Taishou 2020” has been announced! The anime adaptation for “Blue Period” has been decided! The author commented “It awkward right”

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The anime of the winning work of "Manga Taishou 2020", "Blue Period" has been decided and it will be released in 2021. The commemoration comments and illustration from the author Yamaguchi Tsubasa, have been released.

"Blue Period" is a story about art by Yamaguchi Tsubasa that is currently being serialized on "Monthly Afternoon".

It depicts Yaguchi Yatora, a high school boy with excellent grades and good looks with inner emptiness and frustrations, devoting himself to the beautiful yet harsh art world after being amazed by a single piece of art.

TV anime "Blue Period" will broadcast in 2021. Do look forward to future announcements.

Yamaguchi Tsubasa

I'm quite happy because anime adaptation is one of the goals of a manga artist.

This anime of "Blue Period" will be re-interpreted and re-constructed by the professionals, such as the director and staff. I have a strange feeling that I am sharing this work with everyone as if it had left me and it will be a different "Blue Period".

After taking the exam at the art college, I feel a bit awkward that the exam of the art college will become an anime.

I am supervising the anime production while being exciting, so I'm also looking forward to seeing how Yatora and others will move and talk.

(C)Yamaguchi Tsubasa, Kodansha/ Blue Period Production Committee

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