Tiger & Bunny 2 - Episode 1 and 2 Review - Tiger and Bunny Are Back in Action!

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Episode 1
Guess who’s back after a million years? It’s Tiger and Bunny! The season starts off with a textbook flashy and series familiar robber chase to reintroduce all heroes from last season and a few new ones. Oh, Barnaby gets his ass kicked by two mysterious villains at first, but that doesn’t matter, because it’s a scene from way later in the season that hasn’t happened yet.

So back in the present, the heroes work together in pairs as Buddy Heroes to catch the robbers. In order, it’s Fire Emblem & Sky High, Rock Bison & Origami, Magical Cat & Dragon Kid, Mr. Black & Thomas, and Blue Rose & Golden Ryan. Tiger & Bunny showed up in the middle, but Tiger arrived late after saving a kid’s balloon instead of heading to the fight. Classic Kotetsu!

So afterwards, all the heroes meet up with their sponsors at a dinner party. Agnes Joubert seems fatter than she used to be for some reason. And we learn that Mr. Black and Thomas seem like young arrogant types that don’t want any help from the other heroes. Meanwhile, Barnaby and Kotetsu are bickering, but that’s not a big issue.

The next day, one of the robbers who escaped (who has powers) causes trouble and all the heroes are alerted. Mr. Black and Thomas try to look good for the cameras and take on the bad guy, but they fail. Tiger and Bunny then are able to work together without saying a word to each other, showing their teamwork is really good. The two defeat the bad guy.

Episode 2
This ep begins with our heroes talking about a recent attack on heroes in another city by mystery villains. The audience knows it’s those two mysterious villains from the very beginning of the season who will hurt Barnaby in the future.

Anyways, Mr. Black and Thomas continue to be jerks, and Mr. Black is even rude to Bunny. Golden Ryan stands up for Bunny and scolds Mr. Black.

Tiger digs into the backgrounds of Mr. Black and Thomas a little, because he wants to help them. Mr. Black is like a new, younger Tiger from Season 1, who was having a problem with Bunny back then. So he relates.

A little later, Mr. Black failed to come to a crime when he was alerted. His rep scolds him. He’s the most unpopular hero. Mr. Black is worried he won’t live up to expectations, especially of the old teammates he left behind in his old city. So he’s got a chip on his shoulder. And Thomas has some dark past that isn’t fully revealed yet.

Then a job for the heroes comes up to infiltrate an enemy base. Origami is tasked to mimic one of the criminals to get in. The other heroes go to back him up if this goes south.

Big surprise, they do. Mr. Black wants to be a big shot, but trips on Thomas and gives them away to the enemy. Luckily, Bunny is able to clean up the situation.

Mr. Black is humble enough to realize his mistake and apologizes.

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