Tiger & Bunny 2 - Episode 10 Review - Mugan Kidnaps Dragon Kid and Origami Cyclone

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Tiger & Bunny 2 - Episode 9, the Stern Bild heroes are glad they got Vincent. But they don’t know how they got him. He’s in serious condition after his beating.

Yuri asks the Stern Bild heroes if any of them beat him up. And they all deny it. Thomas was somewhat suspected. 

Yuri and Agnes tell them to be on the lookout for the actual culprit.

Tiger goes to visit Bunny alone again. He’s surprised to find a creepy mobile hung up above Bunny’s bed. And two stuffed animals that resemble Sky High and Fire Emblem have fallen to the ground.

Next thing we know, Fire Emblem and Sky High have been taken out mysteriously. They’re hospitalized with frozen bodies.

The heroes watch Sky High’s and Fire Emblem’s body cam recordings and see who the enemies are - Fugan and Mugan. They seem to be able to take down heroes with one punch. In the video, Fugan and Mugan admit to beating up Vincent.

Many of the heroes want to go on patrol to capture the bastards who harmed Fire Emblem and Sky High, but Thomas seems to want to work alone again.

Golden Ryan worries about Blue Rose’s safety and thinks it’s best if he separates from her. That way, if he’s targeted, she won’t get hurt. But Blue Rose says she won’t abandon him in a tough situation.

Bunny visits Tiger again, who’s been given 24-hour security. Rock Bison stops by to check on Tiger. He remembers how Tiger wore himself out visiting the hospital for his sick wife. He’s worried he’s doing that again with Bunny.

Tiger goes back up to Bunny’s room and finds the creepy mobile again! This time 3 dolls are on the floor - Rock Bison’s, Dragon Kid’s and Origami Cyclone’s. But Rock Bison’s plush on the ground turns out to just be a mistake by the bad guys.

Fugan and Mugan were able to infiltrate the hospital and force Origami and Dragon Kid to go in the subway.

The heroes’ watch communicators have been broken by the bastards. So the heroes don’t know where Origami and Dragon Kid are.

Mugan decides to fight both of them in a 2-on-1 fight. Fugan walks away into the shadows.

During the fight, Dragon Kid is able to take out the power, which is her way of communicating her location to the Stern Bild heroes. Thomas figures it out. So they all rush to the scene.

Working together, it seems Origami and Dragon Kid are able to defeat Mugan and hold him down until help arrives. But he lied about his NEXT power being invisibility. His actual power is warping. He also hasn’t been weakened by Dragon Kid’s lightning attack. 

He warps away with Dragon Kid and Origami to an unknown location. The bad guys continue to mess with the heroes.

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