“To Your Eternity” “It” transformed into a boy goes to the forest land. A girl March, who dreams of becoming an adult, lives here… Episode 2 advance cutscene

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From the TV anime series "To Your Eternity", the synopsis / advanced cutscene of episode 2 "A Rambunctious Girl", which was broadcast on April 19 (Monday), has been released.

"To Your Eternity" is based on a fantasy manga under the same name drawn by Oima Yoshitoki, known for "A Silent Voice," serialized in "Weekly Shonen Magazine".

The story is about a "sphere"Fushi, that was thrown to the earth and has the ability to change into the form a sphere, or wolf and a boy, and also the ability to regenerate even after death.

Episode 2 is entitled "A Rambunctious Girl".

"It", who turned into a boy, continued walking through repeating death and re-birth, and arrived at Ninanna, the forest land. However, he is suddenly attacked by someone.

In Ninanna, March, a girl who dreams of becoming an adult and becoming a mom, lives a peaceful life with her family and friends.

However, one day, Hayase, an official of the neighboring country Yanome, appears in the village with shaman Pioran...

Episode 2 "A Rambunctious Girl" of the TV anime "To Your Eternity" was broadcast on NHK E-Tele on April 19, 2021.

(C) Oima Yoshitoki / Kodansha / NHK / NEP

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