Tsukimichi - Moonlit Fantasy - Episode 3 Review - Humans Don't Trust Makoto

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Picking up where the last ep left off, Mio shares with Makoto that Shen and Emma healed him from their battle. And Mio is now in a contract with Makoto, just like Shen! This surprises Makoto because he didn’t get to consent to it, but there will be a lot of surprises for him in this ep.

Shen introduces Makoto to Beren, the elder dwarf he saved. He and his people are masters at crafting weapons. He asks if he and his people can move to his demiplane city. Makoto agrees without giving it much thought. But Shen is far shrewder, making sure to negotiate some benefits out of the move.

Wanting to learn more about his parents’ past, Makoto starts to wander off to find a human settlement. But as soon he spots one in the distance, he gets pulled back by Shen. Shen and Mio want him to give them names, which will make them even more powerful. This is when Mio actually gets the name “Mio.” And from this moment, Shen becomes Tomoe.

After this, Makoto, Tomoe, and Mio address the citizens of the demiplane. And there’s far more people than just the orcs that started the village! Leader of the Elder Dwarves, Eld, asks Makoto if he has a mission from the goddess. Makoto says hell no. And the dwarves are relieved to hear this. The second group introduced are the Mist Lizards, Tomoe’s followers. After them, the Alke are introduced - these are Mio’s followers and they’re spider people. Apparently they also got a taste of Makoto’s essence and absolutely love it.

Finally, Makoto is free to check out the human town. But as soon as he meets a human woman, she runs off scared. The rest of the town attack Makoto. The goddess made it so that Makoto can understand language other than human. So he can’t understand human/Common tongue and vise-versa.

According to Tomoe, Makoto’s mana is strange and powerful and distorts what he looks like to humans. He gives off the aura of five demon lords!

So Makoto works hard to learn the Common language. And has the dwarves make rings to suppress his aura. This takes a month. Finally, Makoto, Tomoe, and Mio visit the human town. His rings work and he gets past security. Makoto poses as a wealthy merchant’s son who was cursed, which is why he can’t speak out loud.

At the adventurer’s guild, scrolls determine that Tomoe’s level is 1,320 while Mio’s level is 1,500, making them the most powerful members of the guild. Makoto is still level 1. We get a glimpse of Sofia Bulga, who is the third strongest at 920.

The three stay at an inn. Coming back home from dinner, Mio and Makoto meet a mysterious little poor girl.  

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