Tsukimichi - Moonlit Fantasy - Episode 4 Review - Tomoe and Mio Save Rinon's Sister

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following up from the end of last week’s episode, a mysterious poor girl approaches Mio and Makoto for help. The girl starts crying immediately, so Makoto and Mio take her back to the inn. Mio is a bit peeved that her alone time with her master has been interrupted!

The girl says her only family, her older sister, disappeared a month ago. So without any money, the girl was kicked out of her home.

Meanwhile, Tomoe kicks the asses of a bunches of ninja-looking thieves who tried to take their wagon. She tries to hold back, but she’s so powerful that she cuts through them. She’s able to knock one out and capture her for interrogation.

After, back inside the inn, the girl introduces herself as Rinon. Makoto speaks in front of her but it just sounds like cute gibberish to her ears. Makoto has to keep using text signs to communicate.

Mio returns after eating the bodies of the thieves that attacked. She notices the Young Master has a dark look on his face as he reads the mind of the captured thief. The reason he looks so intense is because he’s able to see Rinon’s sister in those memories, and she looks just like Hasegawa, the girl who confessed to him in his original world. 

Tomoe and Mio leave the inn to investigate the location they learned from the thief. Meanwhile, Makoto and Rinon go to do some trading at the market. At this time, Rinon thinks about the real reason her sister is gone. Her sister got into bad debt and now she’s being held captive by a bunch of bastards until Rinon pays off the debt. Rinon secretly reports to these bastards, but it’s no problem for Makoto to scan and snoop on their meeting with his powers. So Makoto learns the truth - that Rinon is being forced to like to him to try to save her sister.

Mio and Tomoe find Rinon’s sister, heal her, and break her free from her prison. Then they run into the leader of the bastards - Mils Ace. Any other time, he’d be considered pretty powerful. But against Tomoe and Mio, he’s nothing! And Mils Ace made the fatal move of insulting their master.

Both Mio and Tomoe strike him at once, but he’s protected by a barrier. That works the first time, but the two easily break the barrier with the second hit. And they brutalize Mils’ men. It was satisfying seeing the two easily beat the shit out of Mils.

But after the fight is over, Mio and Tomoe start arguing with one another about who beat up the most men. And they start showing off their power. By doing so, they completely destroy the town!

Rinon gets to reunite with her sister. And Makoto punishes Tomoe and Mio by tying them up and using an arrow to shoot them far into the distance! All’s well that ends well.

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