Tsukimichi - Moonlit Fantasy - Episode 5 Review - Makoto and Friends Arrive at Tsige

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The ep begins with some world lore that wasn’t made clear earlier. The bitch goddess of the world favors humans and gives them special treatment. That’s why humans are all beautiful. Or humans are beautiful, so the goddess like them. One or the other. But the demons of the world resent this treatment and get into wars with the humans.

At some adventurer checkpoint, Makoto and his new friends explain that the town of Zetsuya was destroyed. Their memories were altered, so they believe the town was destroyed by some monsters, and Tomoe and Mio fought them off. We know in reality that Tomoe and Mio destroyed the town thoughtlessly while having a contest of strength.

At this point, Makoto tricks Tomoe to leaving them to go train. She hopes to gain a higher power level than Mio. I think this is a foolish move by Makoto, as it removes a considerable part of his strength. There’s no telling what enemy or bad things they might encounter. But I guess he felt he needed to split up Tomoe and Mio so that they don’t fight each other and cause more problems.

The group (minus Tomoe) continue on to the next town, Tsige, via wagon. They encounter some bee monsters on the way. Mio can destroy them all by herself, but the adventurers keep requesting that she not damage certain parts of the monsters, so that they can harvest those valuable materials. Makoto proves he’s amazing with a bow and able to pinpoint exact weak spots.

The group arrives at Tsige where Makoto has to re-register for the adventurer’s guild, as his registration info was destroyed in Zetsuya. He’s still level 1 for some reason.

This should have been where the adventurers and Makoto parted ways, but they looked sad to do so. So instead, Makoto suggests they all have dinner together.

At dinner, Makoto gets to eat delicious RPG meat. And we learn the names of the party. There’s Rinon of course, and her sister Toa, who looks like Hasegawa. There’s an elf named Louisa the Bless Gunner. An alchemist named Hazal. And Ranina, a dwarf priest knight. 

After the dinner, Mio and Makoto are alone in their room. Mio thinks something naughty will happen between them, but Makoto has no such ideas in his head and falls right to sleep.

The next day, Makoto and Mio head over to the demiplane. Makoto’s learned to make mist gates to get over there. He questions Fragment about whether she can sense Tomoe, but she can’t. Makoto’s not worried about it at all, though. 

Then Eld grabs Makoto to check out a bunch of cool armors that the dwarves have made for him. But he only wants to wear the fabric outfit that can hide mana.

Back in Tsige, Makoto completes a special quest for a company with a bad reputation by delivering rare bee parts. But for some reason, this is unacceptable to them. 

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