Tsukimichi - Moonlit Fantasy - Episode 6 Review - Tomoe Kills Crabs and Mio Loves Anime

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Continuing from last ep, Makoto is talking to the head of the Rembrandt Trading Company, Patrick Rembrandt. We learn why Rembrandt rejects Makoto right off the bat. Makoto has just told Rembrandt that he’s a level 1, rank E. Rembrandt didn’t even check the goods Makoto brought first before dismissing him as incapable of doing the quest.

So like any OP MC would do, Makoto shows the goods, and dumbass Rembrandt is astounded he really has them. Rembrandt explains the ruby eyes are for making ambrosia, a cure-all to treat his wife and daughters who have been cursed by a witch doctor. Makoto further helps Rembrandt by offering to get the aid of his alchemy meister friend to make the medicine.

After this, Makoto heads off the the merchant’s guild to register as a merchant. He has to pass a couple tests to be approved. The guild girl explains things and acts like it’s pretty tough to pass, but as soon as Makoto sees the study manual, he feels he can pass the test right away. And he passes with full marks quickly. This makes Makoto think that education level must be pretty low in this world, like most adults only have a grade school level education at best.

The second test is to acquire a bunch of random materials, and Makoto is unlucky. His materials are particularly hard to get. But then Makoto IS lucky. He already has similar materials from his journey, and they’re of equal or better value than the ones required. So he doesn’t have to go anywhere. And just like that, Kuzonoha is an official merchant!

Meanwhile, we finally see where Tomoe has been. She’s been just fine, killing giant monsters like crabs in the wasteland to level up. She takes the remains back to the demiplane to boil up the crab, which everyone thinks is delicious.

Emma tricks Tomoe to going to the memory vault to do some work there. Mio is already working, translating Makoto’s memories. Tomoe just wants to slack off and watch more historical dramas.

Makoto comes back to the demiplane himself and chats with Fragment. Apparently, the weather has been strange in the demiplane, going from cold to hold quickly. But that will have to be explored another time.

Makoto answers Tomoe’s telepathic call to come to the memory vault. She called him because she and Mio are fighting again. Makoto, like a parent, stops the fight. And promises to lecture Tomoe for coming back to the demiplane and eating crab without reporting to him like she should have. Makoto also learns that Mio is super interested in anime now.

Back in the real world, both Tomoe and Mio try to tempt Makoto to sleep with them. But he’s still too pure and won’t.

The next day, Hazal meets up with Makoto and promises to make the medicine. Meanwhile, a couple guys in the shadows spy on Makoto. They say it’s time to take down the bastard Rembrandt.

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