Tsukimichi - Moonlit Fantasy - Episode 7 Review - Lime and His Crew Attack Makoto's Trio

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The ep begins with a flashback of Rembrandt and his butler Morris torturing the witch doctor who cursed his wife and daughters. They kill him.

Back in the present, Hazal is freaking out because now he knows he’s doing a job for Rembrandt. The company has an intimidating reputation, I guess. Makoto, on the other hand, doesn’t seem worried.

Morris teaches Hazal how to make ambrosia. Hazal makes four doses total. He’s clumsy so he drops two, but luckily Makoto’s OP reflexes allow him to catch and save both.

Bad news, though. Rembrandt tried to cure his wife but she got super violent and hurt him. It’s like a defense mechanism of the cursed disease. So Makoto, being OP, does the job himself.

The wife and daughters are formidable, like crazed demons. But Makoto uses the judo moves his older sisters taught him before his isekai life. He’s able to subdue all three while Rembrandt cures them with the ambrosia.

Outside Rembrandt’s mansion, Makoto meets up with Mio and Tomoe. In the middle of their  conversation, a fire tornado is summoned under them. Makoto dodges, but Mio and Tomoe don’t even bother trying to move. They take the attack full force and are undamaged.

The attack came from the adventurer gang that followed Makoto. They outnumbered Makoto’s trio with over 20 people, so they’re really cocky at first. Mio even sits out the fight due to Makoto’s telepathic request.

OP Makoto and Tomoe alone dealt with these weaklings no prob!

The defeated leader of the adventurers, Lime Latte explains the adventurers’ actions. Months ago, the Rembrandt Company had made it hard for adventurers to find work, so they were taking on more dangerous jobs for money and dying on them. The witch doctor tricked Lime into thinking adventurers from the orphanage he grew up in were dying, too. So he agreed to work with the witch doctor, but he was unaware of the cursed disease doing so much harm to Rembrandt’s family. It was only supposed to put his family to sleep.

Lime apologizes to Rembrandt for what he has done. Rembrandt forgives him only out of respect for Makoto.

Afterwards, Tomoe gives Lime a nice sword in exchange for breaking his old one and hires him as a spy.

And Tomoe spies on Rembrandt and discovers he might plot against the Kuzunoha Company, meaning he’s not totally a good person.

Back in the demiplane, Emma says there’s a problem concerning Mio, Tomoe and Makoto. What is it?! Find out next time on Tsukimichi!

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