Tsukimichi - Moonlit Fantasy - Episode 8 Review - Tomoe Trains Toa's Party

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This ep is all about training. Continuing from last ep, Emma reports to Makoto, Tomoe and Mio that the warriors of the demiplane are depressed about always being defeated by those three in training.

Tomoe spies a bit on the lizardmen while Makoto and Mio spy on the orcs to see what Emma is talking about. And sure enough, they reveal they are depressed because they can’t even get one hit on the Young Master.

They reconvene with Tomoe, who says both races are 10% weaker than she’d like them to be. So Makoto gets the idea that the species should actually train together and reveal their hidden tactics to one another to get stronger. Emma seems hesitant about this, but Tomoe feels she has a great idea to get the warriors motivated.

She holds a public fight between the strongest warriors fo each race to assess their strength. Makoto is also watching this fight. Fragment is the cute referee.

A pretty impressive fight between Agares of the orcs and Liddy of the lizardmen ensues. It’s a close bout, but Agares wins. Tomoe, however, is unimpressed. She tells them that both races are weaker than she wants.

To rectify this, she announces that the warriors will have weekly individual matches to see who’s the best. In a Demiplane Ranking. The warriors are hesitant at first, not wanting to reveal their tactics to one another, but Tomoe tells them to throw away their pride to become warriors that the masters can depend on. And the best warriors will be considered honored warriors. Makoto shows his support for this plan. And that’s when everyone gets on board.

Back at Tsige’s adventurer’s guild in the normal plane, Mio, Makoto and Tomoe check their power levels again. Basically they haven’t changed, so Tomoe’s knight errantry a few eps back was pointless. The guild has a problem as they lost their #1 adventurer, Lime Lotte, and other adventurers are out injured (after fighting the Kuzunoha party). The guild wants the Kuzunoha party to train adventurers to be Lime’s successors. So Makoto suggests they train Toa’s party, who are all already over level 100.

Tomoe handles their training, and she’s brutal with them. She has them fight shadow tails - powerful ape types. At first, Tomoe’s party charges in to fight the enemy. It’s a poor, ineffective strategy. Tomoe trains them to use their heads and tactics, like traps and poison, to kill the shadow tails.

Soon after, Toa’s party is able to clear our a shadow tail nest by themselves without Tomoe’s oversight. The guild is seriously impressed with their accomplishment!

The next matter involves Makoto setting up a place for Kuzunoha to sell their goods. Owning/registering a shop means he would also have to do espionage work for the kingdom of Aion. So he asks to rent space from Rembrandt instead. Rembrandt agrees but probably has a shady reason.

Elsewhere, Mio goes to the dangerous Tinarak Forest to get ambrosia flowers.

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