Tsukimichi - Moonlit Fantasy - Episode 9 Review - Makoto Keeps Dying and Coming Back to Life!

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

There was some serious stuff and some saucy stuff in this episode.

It begins with the two cute elves protecting Tinarak Forest. The adventurers from last ep were already knocked out by them. The elves’ names are Aqua and Eris. Sound familiar?

The scene skips to Makoto. Emma is checking if something is wrong with him, for some reason. Not sure why, maybe because his mana level is too high. But it seems nothing is wrong with him.

The residents are having a celebration honoring Makoto for the establishment of the the Kuzunoha Company. Fragment serves Makoto, so he pats her on the head to thank her. And Tomoe feels it because they’re connected. Mio wants to serve Makoto food, but Tomoe says this time for the Young Master to spend with the residents. 

First, Makoto gets a report from Akina the alke. She and the other main alke have learned to transform completely to humans. She’s cute, but I miss her spider eyes. She reports about the ambrosia in Tinarak. They didn’t take any because they noticed the ambrosia is being protected. Wise decision. The other alke are named Haruna, Minato, and Hokuto.

Next report is from Liddy the lizardman. His fighting skills have improved after training with the orcs, and he even beat Agares once! He’s learning hand-to-hand combat from Tomoe.

Next up is Beren. He loves the demiplane like a paradise but would like to see weapons in the outside world. So Makoto lets him work at the new trading post.

Finally as the night ends, Makoto does some archery training. This freaks out Tomoe and Mio because his Deep Focus technique causes him to diffuse his consciousness. Tomoe explains to Makoto that he’s dematerializing himself when he fires. Then he comes back. He’s basically dying and coming back to life multiple times! This process keeps increasing his mana, almost to crazy god-like levels. And it affects the demiplane, changing and growing it. If this keeps up the goddess will take notice and probably kill him.

Later in the outside world, Makoto runs into a prostitute. Mio and Tomoe spot this and are instantly jealous and tie him up. The two start to undress, very sexy fan service. They almost force themselves on him, ruining his clothes. He escapes through a mist portal to the demiplane. And takes this opportunity to put on the new clothes that hide his mana. They look good!

Mio apologizes the next day, but Makoto says it’s okay. The two go to Tinarak to negotiate with the caretakers of the ambrosia.

The elves and three adventurers (one is the prostitute) swoop in on Makoto and Mio at the same time at the ambrosia field. Mio is mad that they ruined her time with Makoto, and she’s about to kill someone for it!

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