Tsukimichi - Moonlit Fantasy - Episodes 1 and 2 Review - Makoto Meets Tomoe and Mio

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Welcome to the start of a fantastic new isekai series in anime form! The tale begins with the main character, Makoto Misumi, lamenting how his isekai story is filled with misfortune and not the good luck of the usual “travel to another world” stories. Although, honestly, after watching two episodes, I think he actually did get off pretty lucky. I’ll explain.

On a normal day in modern Japan, Makoto gets summoned by a god, Tsukuyomi. Apparently, Makoto’s parents come from another world, and as part of a contract, they must give their most cherished thing to the goddess of this parallel world. Makoto accepts these terms so his sisters don’t have to go in his stead.

Tsukuyomi gives Makoto all the power he can and then teleports him to the goddess. She’s a major bitch. She summoned him to be a Hero, but she thinks he’s ugly, so doesn’t care about him anymore. She also drops him into the dark edge of her world to live with orcs. 

Makoto’s power helps him survive the fall to the planet and survive starvation and thirst, walking the land for three days all alone. Finally he runs into an orc girl (looks like a pig) named Emma who is being chased by a monster wolf. Makoto kills it with one hit. Emma is scared at first but then takes him to her village. She teaches him basic magic, which he’s amazing at off the bat. It seems like he’s level 200 or 300 but his level is only 1!

As thanks for Emma’s help, Makoto tries to talk to the dragon Shen that is causing a destructive mist around Emma’s village. We get a cool fight between Shen and Makoto. Shen has great powers of space control and mind reading, but Makoto’s magic proves very effective against her. So Shen traps him in a happy memory - a girl named Hasegawa confessing she likes him. That doesn’t end well but that story thread will be picked up at a later time. Anyways, Shen ends up taking interest in Makoto and the two sign a contract where Makoto is her master. She then takes on a beautiful samurai girl human form.

In episode 2, Shen (Tomoe) teleports Makoto to see her private demiplane. It’s beautiful, formed by Makoto’s memories. Back in the normal realm, Tomoe introduces herself to Emma and everyone parties now that the village is saved. To the surprise of Makoto, Tomoe invites all the orcs to live in her demiplane to start a new city. They accept, and a small child-like fragment version of Tomoe promises to watch over the city.

A hungry spider demon invades the demiplane. Makoto fights well against it, but the spider actually enjoys being hurt by Makoto! It’s a perv. While Makoto is knocked out, Tomoe convinces the spider (Mio) to take a human form and be another servant to Makoto! Nice harem forming already! See? Makoto’s actually lucky.

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