What does “Fullmetal Alchemist” have in common with “Eden”? Netflix Original Animation “Eden” Director Yasuhiro Irie Reveals

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The Netflix original animation series "Eden" will start its exclusive worldwide distribution on May 27, 2021. 25 minutes x 4 episodes, this is a brand new animation that can be enjoyed as both a movie and an animation series. It is a moving SF adventure directed by Irie Yasuhiro and a team of creators from around the world.

Irie-san revealed to us the love for family that runs through his previous work, "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" which continues to receive high praise overseas, and his latest work, "Eden," as well as the secret of people's fascination with fictional stories.

"Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" is a dark fantasy about the Elric brothers who, out of love for their mother who died when they were young, risked the greatest contraindication of alchemy to bring a dead person back to life. The story depicts the epic journey of Edward, the older brother, and Alphonse, the younger brother, who lost their bodies due to a failed alchemy attempt, to regain their family and everything they lost.

Viewers were fascinated not only by the Elric brothers' love for their mother, but also by their love for each other and the way they work together to overcome obstacles, even though they sometimes rebel against each other.

Irie-san talks about the similarities between the "love for family" depicted in "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" and his latest work, "Eden", saying, "I think the relationship between the Elric brothers is similar to the relationship between something important and something that is taken for granted".

In "Eden," E92 and A37, two agricultural robots, start to protect and raise a human baby, Sara, who they accidentally discover in the rich natural world of Eden, where humans are considered evil and only robots exist. As Sara grows steadily, the robots, who were never meant to have feelings of love for each other, begin to care for each other as if they were real parents and family.

Irie-san also explained, "I think that the fact that Sara and E92 & A37 are parents and children (unlike the Elric brothers) creates a different story. They are important, yet different. I hope you will feel something in the real world from their relationship".

Why do stories that are science fiction and fantasy touch the heartstrings of those of us who live in the real world, as these words suggest?

Irie-san, who has been involved in various science fiction and fantasy works over the years, explains, "I feel that interest in the unknown is as strong today as it has been in the past. At the same time, it is inextricably linked to the interest in those close to us. The anxiety of the unknown has the same feel as the anxiety that arises when communicating with those closest to us," he said. He also pointed out, "I believe that many people are moved by fiction because it touches their own heartstrings and experiences."

"Eden" is also notable for its fascinating settings, such as "Eden, a world in the future where there are no humans and only robots," "the family love between humans and robots," and "the huge mystery hidden in Eden". This is the point. The unexpected storyline and emotional drama that director Irie creates as a "mirror of reality" is sure to strike a chord with people all over the world.

The Netflix original anime series "Eden" will be distributed worldwide exclusively by Netflix from May 27th.

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