What kind of character is Ginoza from “PSYCHO-PASS”? Review of the worldviews and story before the movie release

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As a new project in the "Psycho-Pass" series, 3 movies had been released continuously from Jan. 2019. 

The first movie "Case.1 Crime and Punishment", was released on Jan. 25. Then, on Feb. 15 was released "Case.2 First Guardian", and on Mar. 8 the third movie "Case.3 On the Other Side of Love and Hate" was released, and each movie focused on the story of different characters. 

"Psycho-Pass" is an SF original anime broadcasted on Fuji TV's "Noitamina" slot, produced by Production I.G, and it involve many famous creators , including Motohiro Katsuyuki, known for "Bayside Shakedown", as main director and Urobuchi Gen, who is known for his dark stories such as "Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica", as a scenarist.

The TV anime series started in 2012, and many related works have been released since then, including manga, novels, and games.

In 2015, the completely new work "Psycho-Pass: The Movie" was released and became a big hit.

The long-awaited new trilogy features major characters such as Shimotsuki Mika x Ginoza Nobuchika (Case.1), Sugo Teppei x Masaoka Tomomi (Case.2), and Kogami Shinya (Case.3).

Currently, a preview video with the "keywords" from the three stories is released, and it is an exciting preview that unraveling the missing points of "Pycho-Pass" that has not been revealed so far. 

This time, we will reveal more information about Ginoza and Shimotsuki, who are the main characters of "Case.1 Crime and Punishment" that was released on Jan. 25. Those who said, "I watched 'Pycho-Pass', but I forgot the story and characters," or "I didn't see the work in the first place, but I want to see now", please read this article .

■"Pycho-Pass"'s world concept

The story is set in Japan in 2112 AD, which is controlled by the "Sibyl System" that has the function of quantifying people's psychological state.

This qualification is called "Psycho-Pass", and everyone is living using it as an index in order to lead an "ideal life" free from harmful stress.

Among it, "crime coefficient" is a measured value related to crime, and even if a person who has not committed a crime will be judged as a "potential offender" if it exceeds the specified value.

To suppress crimes that happen even in such a surveillance society, inspectors (= enforcers) of the police organization "Public Security Bureau" under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health and Welfare use a special pistol "dominator" that is organically connected to the Sibyl System and carry out security maintenance activities.

Moreover, even if the Crime Coefficient exceeds the specified value, a potential criminal (= executive officer), who is evaluated as having the ability to understand, predict, and resolve the crime, also joins in as an enforcer.

The first season, broadcast from Oct. 2012 to Mar. 2013, is dedicated to the member of the Public Security Bureau who suffered from Shougo Makishima, a thug but because he has a peculiar constitution called exemption constitution, in which the criminal coefficient corresponding to the criminal trend is not measured by Sibyl, his Crime Coefficient can not be measured. 

Tsunemori Akane, a new inspector is struggling with the threat but decided to confront and eventually find a new way that did not require the Sibyl System.

The second season, which had been broadcast from Oct. to Dec. 2014, is set one and a half years after the end of the first season.

Ginoza, who became an executive officer after a series of incidents, and a new member of the Public Security Bureau with a new inspector Shimotsuki will fight against a person named Kasumi Kirito who can lower the crime coefficient by medication and psychological guidance. 

Kasumi was a human from a multi-body transplant operation from 184 people who died in a plane crash, and the Sibyl System, which can only measure individual crime coefficients, could not find him.

Like Makishima in the first season, members of the Public Security Bureau will suffer because of the Sibyl System.

"Case 1.Crime and Punishment" will focus on Ginoza, who had helped Akane, the main protagonist in season 1 and 2, and also Shimozuka, who was troubled by Akane. It take place on winter 2117, when a runaway car crash into the Public Security building. The driver of that car is Yasaka Izumi, a counselor at a potential criminal isolation facility (sanctuary) in Aomori.

However, immediately before the interrogation, Yasaka was immediately sent home.

Shimotsuki goes to Aomori with Ginoza to repatriate Yasaka. They found what can be called a "false paradise"...

■Ginoza, who becomes popular by his appearances in the 2nd season, is also a reason for the success of the new work!

Ginoza, who is the main protagonist in "Case.1 Crime and Punishment," is a character that has been appearing in this work since the 1st season. At that time, he wore a suit and had slightly long bangs but a nervous expression and glasses, expressing the so-called "elite inspector" with his body.

However, at the end of the 1st season, when his Crime Coefficient exceeded the specified value, he becomes an executive officer, and his appearance greatly changed! First, he cut his hair, stopped wearing glasses, and even showed off his tank top, which he never showed in the first season.

There is no women who can't resist this drastic gap, "Hiding such a great body under the suit..."

Also, although he was only preaching to Akane, he stopped talking around, and on the contrary, he started talking with the newbie Shimotsuki.

Furthermore, it was even more surprising that in the movie released in 2015, his hair was stretched into a ponytail.

Since in the trailer, he appeared again with a ponytail, to find an answer to your expectations, "How Ginoza will change in new work?", you should check out his development on the cinema's big screen.

It's impossible to talk about Ginoza's past without tears...

Ginoza hates people with a high Crime Coefficient. Because of that and to keep his mental state clean, he believe that he inspectors and enforcers shouldn't interact deeply, so he didn't talk much with Kogami, his former partner and colleague inspector that he knew from high school, and also his father Masaoka as both of them become potential criminals. 

After being betrayed and losing everything, he becomes a close person, and the psycho-pass of Ginoza gradually deteriorates after Kogami was not a potential criminal. He also attended counseling.

In addition, while searching for Makishima's whereabouts, he was caught in a trap and suffered from a serious injury, which destroyed his left arm. At that time, Masaoka protected Ginoza but gets fatally injured and eventually dies.

They had a parent-child conversation just before death, and Ginoza regretted that he pushed him away until now. 

After that, his Crime Coefficient exceeded the specified value, and he became a potential offender, he chose to live as an executive officer. His left arm was replaced by an artificial limb, and he took off his fake glasses that he wore because he hated his eyes, which resemble him of his father, and his tense posture had become calm.

In the second season, as was said before, Ginoza impressed us with his muscular body. He has done many things since 1st season, such as sending advice to Akane and destroying the drone with his artificial hand.

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■Cheeky and extra moves... Is Shimotsuki growing in the new work?

Shimotsuki, who appeared in the 2nd season, was defined as a proper person by the Sibyl System even though he was a minor, and became an inspector at an unusually young age, at 18. Since he sincerely believes in the Sibyl System and thinks that people with a high Crime Coefficient should be eliminated promptly, he is rebellious toward Akane who in her turn tries to confront it.

As a result, they often act in a way that interferes. Also, although he basically looks down on executive officers and potential criminals as an inspector, he seems to be longing for Kunizuka Yayoi. He also smelled like "Lilly".

Shimotsuki seems to be quite "cheeky" in the anime. Even in the promo video, he confidently said, "This time it's my case," so even in the new work, Shimotsuki's actions along with his personality are likely to interfere the story.
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