Which character with earphone/ headphone can you think of? 2nd place is Tsukishima Kei from “Haikyu!”, 1st place is … the ranking consists of cool characters

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November 18 is "Good Earphone/ Headphone Day".

This day was set based on the word play of "Good (ii from 11) and Earphone (Iyahon from 14)".

Characters that usually use the earphone/ headphone appear regularly in anime and manga as well. Some of them might be listening to music when commuting to school, used it when composing a song, to block the surrounding noise, etc. So, which character had left the most impression among Anime! Anime! Readers?

So, we had conducted the reader survey "Which character with earphone/ headphone can you think of?". During the survey period from November 4 to November 11, a total of 263 responses were received.

For the gender ratio, the females are the majority with about 70% while the males are about 30%. For the age distribution, about 50% are from minors while 30% are from those in their twenties.

■Several cool characters had ranked in!

1st place

1st place goes to Nakano from Miku "The Quintessential Quintuplets". The support rating is about 20%.

The readers' comments received are "I think that blue headphone draws out the composed side of Miku" and "I like how she uses it for fashion purpose instead of listening to music", and it about how the item complements her cool personality.

As this work features quintuplets' sisters, there was a comment about how it sets a traits to the character, saying "The headphone of Miku-chan can help to differentiate the quintuplets."

2nd place

2nd place goes to Tsukishima Kei from "Haikyu!!". The support rating is about 17%.

The comments received are "Tsukishima-kun appearing with a headphone hanging on his neck during his first appearance had left a strong impact in me", "The unexpected combination between volleyball club and headphone is quite memorable. The gap when he is in a match and when he hangs the headphone on his neck or listening to music, is quite cool", and "It cute how he hangs the headphone in a lethargic state." Some of the comments also mention how the headphone helps to express his sarcastic side. 

3rd place

3rd place goes to Asakura Yoh from "Shaman King". The support rating is about 8%.

The readers' comments are "As he always carries an orange headphone with him, it has become his trademark. So, he is the only headphone's character that I can think of" and "It was quite excited to see the lax fighting while he is wearing the headphone". There were many fans voicing their expectation toward the broadcast, some saying "The renew anime adaptation in April 2021! I can't wait to see him move again in TV as 20 years has passed."

■Let's introduce the other comments!!

The comments for Kawakami Bansai from "Gintama" is "It because he listen to music, produce and compose music while wearing the headphone, and even use the music to figure out the opponent fighting method".

The comments for Chu2 from "Bang Dream!" is "I had seen various characters with headphone but there isn't much character wearing a cat-ear headphone right? It is so cute and impressive!".

The comments for Nice from "Hamatora" is "The headphone is a must for his Sonic Minimum. I remember how Osaka Ryouta's voice cause the air-headed and genius Nice-kun to be cooler".

The comments for Jirou Kyouka from "My Hero Academia" is "Instead of wearing an earphone, it more like she comes with an earphone (Haha). Even her hero name is Earphone Jack, and her fighting posture is so cool!". This shows that even a character with an earphone jack as their earlobe was voted.

The results of this survey is composed of quiet and cool characters. Also, a few characters from music theme anime, such as "Bang Dream!", "Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: Rhyme Anima", "A3!", and "Ensemble Stars!" were ranked in.

■Top 20 Ranking

"Which character with earphone/ headphone can you think of?"

1. Nakano Miku "The Quintessential Quintuplets"

2. Tsukishima Kei "Haikyu!!"

3. Asakura Yoh "Shaman King"

4. Kawakami Bansai "Gintama"

5. Chu2 "Bang Dream!"

6. Yamada Ichirou "Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: Rhyme Anima"

6. Yuuki Makoto "PERSON3 THE MOVIE"

8. Nice "Hamatora"

9. Jirou Kyouka "My Hero Academia"

10. Ishigami Yuu "Kaguya-sama: Love Is War"

11. Usui Masumi "A3!"

11. Haibara Ai "Detective Conan"

11. Sakamaki Izayoi "Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren't they?" 

14. Aoi Yuuta "Ensemble Stars!"

14. Ene (Enomoto Takane) "Mekakucity Actors"

14. Tada Riina "The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls"

14. Majime (Ninomae Kanade) "Wasteful Days of High School Girl"

14. Rukawa Kaede "Slam Dunk"

19. Aoi Hinata "Ensemble Stars!"

19. Kalim Flam "Fire Force"

19. Kira Kanata "Aikatsu Stars!"

19. Sakuraba Neku "The World Ends with You The Animation"

19. Shintarou (Kisaragi Shintarou) "Mekakucity Actors"

19. Takagi Akito "Bakuman"

19. Yase Motoki "Strike the Blood"

19. Leone Abbacchino "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind"

19. Reki "Aria the Scarlet Ammo"

(Survey Period: November 4 - November 11, 2020)
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