Who looks good in a mini-skirt among anime characters? 2020 ver. Nami in ‘One Piece’, Wakame in ‘Sazae-san’, and another two characters were tied for the first place!!

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Oct. 18 is mini-skirt day.

It was established to commemorate that Twiggy, an English model that was called the 'Queen of the Mini(skirt)', came to Japan for the first time on the same day in 1967. Mini-skirts were the latest fashion item at that time, and become a fad.

Many anime characters in a mini-skirt appear to fight or sing, which attracts their fans. Among such characters, who looks better in mini-skirts?

Here, at Anime!Anime!, we conducted a readers' survey titled 'Who looks good in a mini-skirt among anime characters?' for the first time in two years. The survey had been conducted from Oct. 2, to Oct. 9, and we received 127 answers. 

The male-to-female ratio was about 20% to 80%, which means that the female readers accounted for a large percentage. About 40% of the readers were minors, 25% were in their twenties, which means that the young readers accounted for a large percentage.

■The characters in the nationally famous anime got higher ranks!

Isono Wakame in "Sazae-san", Kagura in "Gintama", Nami in "One Piece", and Minamoto Shizuka "Doraemon", were tied for the first place. 

Wakame in "Sazae-san" and Shizuka-chan in "Doraemon" are nationally famous characters that are always wearing mini-skirts. Everyone should have watched them, so they won a lot of votes.

Kagura in "Gintama" is usually wearing a Chinese traditional dress, but sometimes appears in a mini-skirt, which attracts a lot of fans. Some readers voted for Nami in "One Piece" as she looks good in a mini-skirt, which makes her legs look longer, saying 'She has a great figure, and perfectly toned legs!'

■Other comments are below!!

For Hoshimiya Ichigo in "Aikatsu!".

'The costume of Starlight School is an ultra mini skirt. Without a mini-skirt, she will not be real Hoshimiya Ichigo.'

For Maruko in "Chibi Maruko-chan"

'When it comes to Maruko's fashion, white, long sleeve shirt and a red skirt with suspenders popped into my mind.'

For Emma in "The Promised Neverland".

'She is active and cheerful like a boy, but she also looks good in a girl's uniform of the house.'

For Shiota Nagisa "Assassination Classroom".

'He is relatively short, and androgynous looking. He looked more girly than the girls when he dressed as a woman, which was cute.

Some readers voted for male characters.

The characters in the nationally famous anime got higher ranks as well in 2020 ver. They normally appear in skirts, which leaves a strong impression.


'Who looks good in mini-skirt among anime characters? 2020 ver.'

1. Isono Wakame "Sazae-san"

1. Kagura "Gintama"

1. Nami "One Piece"

1. Minamoto Shizuka "Doraemon"

5. Shiota Nagisa "Assassination Classroom"

5. Tosaka Rin "Fate/stay night"

5. Hoshimiya Ichigo "Aikatsu!"

8. Kyoyama Anna "Shaman King"

8. Kanroji Mitsuri "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba"

8. Misaka Mikoto "A Certain Magical Index" "A Certain Scientific Railgun"

8. Sailor Moon / Tsukino Usagi "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon"

8. Sera Masumi "Detective Conan"

8. Totoko "Mr. Osomatsu"

8. Minami Kotori "Love Live!"

8. Mouri Ran "Detective Conan"

8. Hoshizora Rin "Love Live!"

(Survey Period was from Oct. 2 to Oct. 9, 2020.)
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