World’s First (?!) Film Festival Featuring “Cosplay”! Screenwriting Competition and Cast Recruitment for Cosplayers

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The World Cosplay Summit Executive Committee has announced that they will hold a “Cosplay Film Festival”. According to them, this will be the world’s first short film contest featuring “Cosplay”. Entries for the screenwriting competition have opened on June 1st, 2021.

“Cosplay Film Festival” has a unique process of choosing its entry films. First, they hold a screenwriting competition, and then they recruit the actors (mainly cosplayers) who match the roles in the script.

By matching the film creators and the cosplayers, the committee aims to provide a new style of video production to the creators and a new platform for the cosplayers to succeed.

The committee will choose eight plots from the entries and create a pilot film for each work after recruiting a cast. The pilot films will be available on "DOKUSO Eigakan", an unlimited streaming service of indie films. There will be public voting to choose the winner for the grand prize, the best leading actor, and the best supporting actor. The winner of the grand prize will receive an additional subsidy of 1 million yen to complete the 30-minute short film.

Entries for the screenwriting competition are open from June 1st to July 18th, and the cast recruitment will start on August 9th. For further information, visit the website.

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