Young ladies X Fighting games!? Anime adaptation of “GGWP” is decided! Story about high school girls fighting passionately

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The anime adaptation of the manga "GGWP.: Young Ladies Don't Play Fighting Games", revolving around the young ladies playing the fighting game passionately, has been decided. The comments and illustration from the original author Ejima Eri, have been released.

"GGWP.: Young Ladies Don't Play Fighting Games" is based on the manga by Ejima Eri, which is currently serialized on "Monthly Comic Flapper" (Release on the 5th monthly).

As the PV was released on the same day as volume 1, it had attracted tons of attention due to the gap of the "Young ladies X Fighting games", and had gotten an anime adaptation at a fast pace. The latest volume, volume 2 has been released on January 21.

Fumizuki Aya, a peasant that adored young ladies and had enrolled into Kuromi Girls Academy, and Shirayuri-sama, who gives off an elegant young lady aura more than anyone despite being the same external student.

Both of them have no mutual interest, but during the after-school on a certain day, Aya happened to spot Shirayuri-sama playing the fighting game "Iron Senpai4" passionately in an empty classroom, and due to that they started playing together.

It depicts the passionate battle of Aya, who had given up on the fighting game once, and Shirayuri-sama, who is passionate about the game.

The latest information regarding the anime will be announced in the future "Monthly Comic Flapper", so do look forward to it.

Comments from the author Ejima Eri

The anime adaptation of "GGWP" has been decided!

I believe the readers of "GGWP" will have the thoughts like "Huh!?", "Isn't it too fast?", and "Is this part of a project where the anime adaptation is decided from the start?". However, when I was showing my motivation to my friend by saying, "I will do my best in this serialization with the hope of an anime adaptation". Then, after one month, I told him/her "The anime adaptation is decided!", then the first response is "Really!?", but in my reply "It here!", he/she replies with "Isn't it too fast!?".

I would like to thank everyone who had to follow the serialization, bought the manga volume, and recommended it to your friends, as well as the fighting gamer who inspired me to draw this manga, and I will also continue to do my best, so please look forward to the development of the manga as well as further news on the anime.

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