86 - Episode 15 Review - Raiden Warns Shin Not to Reveal His Powers

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following the events of 86 Episode 14, Shin and Raiden are reunited, with the other Spearhead members coming soon.

The high command for the Federacy of Giad’s military have a meeting and discuss the coming attack of Legion. Lt. Colonel Wenzel requests that all the former Spearhead members be reunited under her command. Most of the brass are against this. Her unit has the most kills, but also the most deaths. And they think she’s using the fighting ability of Shin and the rest - children - to make herself look good. She doesn’t care what they think.

Shin’s unit isn’t getting a lot of resources. It’s starting to feel like how the brass treated them in the Republic of San Magnolia. But Shin doesn’t mind.

While being briefed in the morning, Shin runs into Frederica, who’s walking around half-naked and half-asleep.

Finally, in the mess hall, Shin, Kurena, Anju, Theo and Raiden are reunited. With a very embarrassed Frederica. Over what happened in the morning.

From this gathering, it seems the Eighty-Six have information that the Federacy doesn’t know. But they’re keeping it to themselves because… the Federacy wouldn’t believe them? Specifically, I think it’s about how brains of their fallen soldiers are harvested by Legion to keep growing its forces.

Next up, Wenzel gets feedback on her prototype Reginliefs. Which are modeled after the Juggernauts. Shin says the Reginliefs are only slightly better. As Juggernauts weren’t designed to provide much protection to the pilots. Somehow, this news to Wenzel.

Wenzel reveals that she too was a pilot of the Vanagandr vehicles in the past. And many of her friends and comrades died in them because they were so slow-moving. That’s why she vowed to create a better machine, the Reginlief.

During this meeting, Wenzel also reveals that there’s been no radio reply from the Republic. This all causes a bit of concern for the Eighty-Six. Does it mean the Republic has been destroyed by Legion? (Of course not, but we know that as the audience who get to see Lena again at some point in the future).

One more thing. A short while ago, Shin tried to give a warning about Legion’s vast numbers, but Wenzel assures him his prediction is impossible. According to the Federacy’s top notch analytics.

And this is something Raiden and Shin talk about privately. His powers are being kept a secret from the Federacy, because if he revealed them, his life would be in danger of being ended as a lab rat. And so would the rest of the Eighty Six. So Raiden warns him to be more careful.

There’s also a moment where Frederica talks privately to Shin. And we learn more about Kiri, her knight. Kiriya went crazy after suffering so much loss, to the point where he was obsessed with protecting Frederica. 

And again, Frederica wisely advises Shin that he and the other Eighty Six need to live for a future. Look forward to the future.

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