86 - Episode 16 Review - Lena Prepares Against a Legion Invasion

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following 86 Episode 15, this episode begins from the point of view of Legion, which is unusual. Countless Legion are marching to attack several countries at the same time, including the Federacy of Giad and the Republic of San Magnolia. By the way, the Legion Shepherd that we hear speak is called No Face.

Shin wakes up Raiden, saying the attack has come. Shin’s really shaken up. This isn’t like usual, it’s almost the worst case scenario. Then Shin makes some officers in the command center alert the entire base. He does this by holding a gun on the officers. That’s how serious he is.

The soldiers are cranky for being woken up and commanded to go out based on Shin’s word alone. But lo and behold, Shin was right. A ridiculous amount of Legion appear and blow the Federacy soldiers to bits! Told ya sooooo.

Idiot Lt. Col. Wenzel is idiotically shocked at the vast numbers of Legion. Like an idiot. But lucky for her and the rest of Giad’s military, Shin, Raiden, Kurena, Theo and Anju are already ready to sortie. They kick Legion ass and give the military a chance to get on its feet and counterattack.

Back at base, Frederica is somehow able to connect to Kiriya. And she sees San Magnolia burning down. She wants to tell Shin, so she does her best to contact him.

Shin’s Nordlicht squad is able to push the enemy back. But Frederica connects to Shin and notices his face is crazed. He’s filled with battle lust or something, like Kiri.

Shin survives the battle and snaps out of it. Frederica admonishes him in person.

Meanwhile, in San Magnolia, Legion has made it into the 85 districts. The idiotic soldiers are still idiotically getting drunk as usual when the breach happens.

Lena, who we haven’t seen in forever, is ready to do her best to lead the 86 to defend San Magnolia. She starts by Para-RAIDing with Annette and Cyclops. Her uncle, General Karlstahl, who we haven’t heard from in forever, finally speaks up. He tells Lena not to lead the 86. As he expects the 86 will be happy for San Magnolia to fall and get what they deserve. He says… it’s better for San Magnolians to just die from the Legion attack. Ummmm what?

Lena disagrees. Maybe he was just testing her resolve one last time. Then he goes off to buy her as much time as he can, with his rifle in hand.

Back in the Federacy of Giad, Frederica tells the Spearhead members of her vision. They think San Magnolia may have been destroyed. And then Frederica notices an attack from Kiri is incoming, a split second before it happens. It looks like the attack hits all of them, but we’ll need to see next week.

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