86 - Episode 19 Review - Fido Smuggles Frederica into the Mission

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following 86 - Episode 18, Lt. Col. Wenzel is piloting the gigantic Nachzehrer in enemy territory towards the Morpho. But an army of Legion come to engage the jet. So Wenzel drops Nordlicht mid-flight, and they’re able to land safely by parachute. Meanwhile, that Legion army continues to pursue the Nachzehrer.

Back at homebase, the brass and Ernst have lost contact with Nachzehrer. But they still hear from Shin and his group.

Immediately, Nordlicht engages in battle against the Legion’s defensive perimeter around the Morpho. The Morpho is still undergoing repairs.

Nordlicht starts attacking the Morpho. A Legion voice can be heard saying “Kill you!” The Morpho moves and seems to charge up to fire.

But Shin suddenly hears Frederica warn him. That Morpho is not Kiri!

It turns out the damaged Morpho was just bait to lure in the Federacy. Another functioning Morpho unit is on top of the mountains in the distance. That new Morpho is a “spare” that took the original Morpho’s core to power up. And this new one fires a powerful blast at the original Morpho to destroy Nordlicht. Luckily, because of Frederica’s warning, Nordlicht Squad was able to get away in time.

The top brass back at HQ panic, thinking Nordlicht was wiped out. They suggest a missile saturation to wipe out this new Morpho. But Ernst doesn’t allow it. He says it wouldn’t work. And he orders them to trust the original mission and original Nordlicht operatives to get the job done.

Meanwhile, Nordlicht starts attacking the new Morpho. But the Morpho has impressive defensive abilities. Legion head command codenamed No-Face contacts the Morpho operative, Pale Rider AKA Kiri. Kiri thinks he destroyed Nordlcht but learns he was wrong. And Kiri notices Shin. He’s obsessed with killing Shin. But No-Face commands Kiri to retreat from the battlefield. Kiri doesn’t want to, but obeys.

Most of Nordlicht can’t keep up with the moving Morpho. They’re not as mobile as the 86’s vehicles. How convenient for the show. So Shin, Raiden, Anju, Theo and Kurena pursue the Morpho by themselves.

Kiri has memories of taking care of Frederica. Maybe his super motivation to kill Shin is just pure jealousy.

Elsewhere, we find out Wenzel was able to survive and make it back to friendly territory.

And in the end of the ep, we find out Fido had smuggled Frederica to join Shin’s group on the battlefield. She did this to ensure they take her home, meaning they can’t die on the battlefield.

Shin gives his handgun to Frederica to kill herself should the Legion get to her. But she says it won’t come to that.

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