86 - Episode 20 Review - Shin Can't Find Reason for Living

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following 86 - Episode 19, the ep begins with Richard and Willem discussing the current situation. The Federacy and its allies are advancing in the area around the Morpho. This next operation is all-or-nothing. If they lose, it’s over.

Meanwhile, Shin and Raiden do some scouting. Shin can hear Legion and figure out their movement. And the diversions from the allied forces.

Raiden tells Shin he needs to be the one to take Frederica back safely, because he’s the only one who can safely navigate all the Legion. Raiden tries to say he, Anju, Kurena and Theo will be all right without him leading. Shin doesn’t want to leave them to do the fighting.

Raiden snaps at Shin. Saying he’s losing his mind, so he’s not good at leading them right now. He accuses Shin of turning into his old self, cold and distant. Shin snaps back that he should be the one to fight alone then. And the rest of them should take Frederica back. They’d only slow him down.

In the end, Raiden tells Shin he can make his own choice in the end. But again reminds him that his friends are there to support him if he’s tired.

Not far away, Anju, Frederica, Theo and Kurena listen in on that conversation. They feel they understand the two guys better now. Kurena thinks Shin would never leave them, but the others point out that’s just her ideal of him. In reality, they’ve all been relying on Shin too much to be their Reaper. But not thinking of how Shin can handle that and feel hope for himself.

Frederica bluntly lets Kurena know that Shin is aware she’s in love with him, but Shin doesn’t feel the same way. It’s a funny moment seeing Kurena crushed. Anju scolds Frederica for this!

Alone, Shin confesses to Fido that he wishes he could run away to fight. But he won’t.

Willem uses Para-RAID to finally get a hold of the 86. Richard thought Willem didn’t want the 86 to survive the battle. He says he just doesn’t want to lose useful tools in the war. At least Willem’s opinion makes sense, compared to the other Federacy idiots who hate the 86, even though they saved their lives.

Meanwhile, Wenzel and Bernholdt meet and talk about getting ready to march. They want to provide reinforcements for the 86 as soon as possible. 

The 86 talk about their Reginliefs. They’re not in the greatest condition. Meaning they could sure use Wenzel’s help right about now.

While traveling, they stop and look out into the distance during sunset. Frederica says it looks like the sea. And all of them talk about wanting to see the ocean, and islands, and other amazing things. Meaning they have hope and want to live past this war. But Shin doesn’t say anything.

Later, Shin and Frederica speak privately. He tells her he can’t find a reason to go on living.

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