86 - Episode 21 Review - Shin's Last Fight Against the Morpho

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This ep follows 86 - Episode 20. Nordlicht/Spearhead is pursuing the Morpho. Raiden secretly says to Frederica that if worse comes to worse, she should forget about the rest of them who are stuck fighting, and focus on escaping with Shin. She agrees to.

Then we get a very familiar anime trope to separate a team so only the MC faces off against the final boss. First, low level Legion are able to hit Anju off of a cliff. So she’s stuck fighting them to give the rest time to keep going forward to the Morpho. Then in a city, Theo creates a barrier to slow down more Legion. He stays behind to fight them. Then Kurena is next. She fires some scattershot at the Morpho to get its attention, and draw away some of its fire. So she has to stay behind in that position.

It looks like maybe Kurena is hit? But we don’t know for certain. Then Raiden’s Feldreß is definitely hit. He puts his arm up to protect Frederica from the shrapnel. It works. But now Raiden can hardly pilot. And a couple of the Feldreß’s legs are blown off.

Just as predicted, Shin is left to fight against the Morpho all by himself. Frederica is placed inside Fido. Shin orders Fido to keep her locked up and out of danger (and out of the way). Of course, Frederica’s against this.

Kiri is in psycho mode. Focused on killing Shin.

Shin’s speed and moves allow him to dodge all of Kiri’s attacks. But Shin is also too far away from the Morpho to do any real damage to it.

Kiri muses how he would love to have Shin’s power on their side. Meaning he wants to take Shin’s brain. But it’s too risky, so he has to kill him straight up.

Then Frederica conveniently and suddenly remembers that Kiri is great at close proximity combat just like Shin. That would have been great information to give earlier, genius.

Just when Shin gets stuck in Kiri’s crosshairs, Raiden comes out of nowhere to save Shin from the shot. The Morpho fires at Raiden, and it looks like he’s completely obliterated. But we don’t know for sure. So, guessing he and Kurena are both still alive. 

Shin muses how the situation looks really bad. Like he pretty much has no chance of surviving this. That’s when Shin hears a muffled voice (probably Lena). And the Morpho is suddenly attacked by this unknown force. Lena’s artillery attacks prove super effective in damaging/distracting Kiri.

The Morpho’s light wings turn out to be thousands of harpoons. They all go after shin. He dodges them.

Kiriya Nouzen is full psycho mode. Oh yeah, he’s a Nouzen. Oops, didn’t mention that before. Frederica distracts him, and Shin gets in the final blow to destroy Kiri. 

But then the Morpho explodes completely. And Shin was right above it. So it looks like he dies. But I’m sure he survives.

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