86 - Episode 7 Review - Spearhead Reveals the Sad Truth to Lena

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 7 follow.

By now, we’ve caught on to a routine. The series plays the same moment in time from different perspectives, usually from Lena’s once, and once from Shin or all of Spearhead. After a while, you just don’t expect things to go chronologically in this show. Sigh.

It begins with Spearhead’s members playing with fireworks at night. And we briefly see Anju crying, most likely about Daiya dying. Or Daiya-ing. Badup bup!

Scene cuts to Lena ordering supplies sent to Spearhead. It’s the same box we saw Spearhead have when playing with fireworks, so we can assume this moment predates the start of the ep. Lena uses all her money to bribe the officer about the order. It’s something she’s not supposed to send. Something like fireworks. After this, some soldiers tease Lena about attending the Revolution Festival but she pretends not to notice as she doesn’t want to go.

On the street, Lena happens to see a bunch of San Magnolia citizens enjoy the festival. Lena recalls Kurena (Gunslinger) over Para-Raid telling her they don’t need a handler. She advises Lena to stop helping them if experiencing the voices of the dead through Shin is too much for her.

Lena gets home and speaks to Raiden over Para-Raid. She promises that she’ll get reinforcements to Spearhead. But Raiden doesn’t sound like he believes that can happen.

The next day, Lena goes over to her uncle to once again plead for supplies and reinforcements to go to Spearhead. Her uncle says he’s already sent in the request. And this is pretty much a bargaining chip to make Lena attend the Revolution Festival ballroom party.

Flashforward to the party. Annette comments on Lena’s poor choice in outfits. It’s all black. Lenda dresses this way on purpose to keep any males from trying to court her. Pretty clever, in my opinion. Annette wants to scold Lena but has to leave her abruptly to avoid being spotted by one of the many fiance’s she doesn’t want to marry.

Shin calls during the party. Lena happily steps away from it to talk to him. He thanks Lena for the fireworks. She can see them in the air even from where she is. Apparently, Anju usually doesn’t cry in front of others. So Shin thinks the fireworks were good for her to mourn Daiya. Shin asks Lena if she’ll remember them after they die. Lena says yes, but promises no one else will die in Spearhead.

Later, Kurena tells Anju that they should reveal the truth to Lena. And that truth is…

That Spearhead will never be helped by San Magnolia. It’s a unit for the most talented 86 to finally be killed off by Legion. As a way to stop the 86 from ever becoming a threat to San Magnolia. And Spearhead’s members accept these terms. That’s such BS.

In the last scene, we’re teased by a Legion Juggernaut that is massive!

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