Angels and Devils Are Flying Down… Boys’ Idol Content “HeavenlyHelly” Has Been Launched, Featuring Midorikawa Hikaru and Others

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"HeavenlyHelly" has been launched as a new content under the joint project by 4 companies, Universal Music Artists, Aoni Production, Movic, and Pixiv. This is a new boys' idol content, where angels and devils are flying down. 

"HeavenlyHelly" is a new idol content that features the angels and devils, which incurred the wrath of God and were made to descend into the human world, forming a unit of 5 fallen angels "FAB-EL" and a unit of 5 fallen devils "Inferno Teller", respectively aiming for an idol group.

This content is planned to be expanded as a "multi entertainment" that takes on new challenges, including the regular distribution of audio dramas by the voice actors through the podcast and the creation of characters' derivative works (UGC) in addition to the full-fledged music contents with illustrations (characters).

The original story/script was handled by Yoshida Erika, who is known for "Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!" (TV drama), "No Longer Heroine" (film), and "Boys Over Flowers Season 2" (TV drama). The character design was created by an up-and-coming illustrator, Toinana. For the music, Uchisawa Takahito (androp) is serving as a producer for "FAB-EL", and he continues to provide music. Other musical composers that are providing songs to the world will be in charge of music for "Inferno Teller" as well.

The character voices will be handled by 10 selected rookie voice actors from Aoni Production, Mino Yudai, Fujisawa Sho, Takeda Kaito, Kusano Taichi, Tanaka Toshiki, Sakata Shogo, Azuma Keita, Hyuga Saku, Nonobe Syu, and Sato Yuga, respectively for "FAB-EL" and "Inferno Teller".

In addition to voicing the characters, each voice actor will be active as a full-fledged "artist", as a member of each group, by running Twitter and TikTok accounts, and more. Also, Midorikawa Hikaru from the same agency will be featured as well. Please stay tuned for further announcement about how he is getting involved in the content.

Along with the launch of the content, audio streaming service providers began offering the theme songs of "FAB-EL" and "Inferno Teller" for downloading and streaming. The official YouTube channel has revealed their teaser footage and music videos.

"HeavenlyHelly" will continue expanding the field of activities, and the latest information will be announced on the official website and Twitter.




Roush: Mino Yudai

Fauta: Fujisawa Sho

Gab: Takeda Kaito

Jellie: Kusano Taichi

Mika: Tanaka Toshiki 

【Inferno Teller】

Dancel: Sakata Shogo

Peggy: Azuma Keita

Daleon: Hyuga Saku

Ergon: Nonobe Shu

Zaheer: Sato Yuga

???? Midorikawa Hikaru


Original/Script: Yoshida Erika

Character Design: Toinana


FAB-EL "Atarashi Sekai e"

Lyrics/Music: Uchisawa Takehito

Arrangement: Uchisawa Takehito

Inferno Teller "Storyteller"

Lyrics: IE-MON

Music: Mark Angelico Thomson, James Salmon

Track Producer: James Salmon


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