Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 2 Review - Zeke Saves Eren

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 1, we get another ep jam-packed with craziness! 

Armin successfully convinces Connie, Mikasa and Jean to help Eren after Eren lied to them. They run up to the roof of the castle to save him. Niccolo runs with Sasha’s family to help them escape.

Eren as Attack Titan continues to struggle against Reiner/Armored Titan and Galliard/Jaw Titan but seems like he’s going to lose at any moment. He does a crazy backhand on Jaw Titan that sends it flying and tumbling. Eren’s not going down without a fight.

Armored Titan takes down Attack Titan and subdues him in a wrestling move. Attack Titan rips at Armored’s jaw. Then, the nick of time rescue happens. Zeke/Beast Titan throws a fastball boulder at Armored, blasting him off of Attack. Zeke is standing on top of the wall.

This is when the tide of battle turns. The Marleyans are fucked now. Although Eren should have been able to do the same kind of damage against the Marleyans by himself, but whatever. Had to be written this way. 

Beast throws boulders and single handedly takes out the fleet of airships. He almost throws a fastball that takes out Pieck/ Cart Titan and Magath, but Pieck dodges just barely and hangs on the outside of the wall. Then Floch and his troop of Yaegerists attack Pieck with their maneuver gear, making sure that Pieck and the cannon are too preoccupied to go for Eren again.

Beast continues to bombard the enemy, taking out Marleyans positioned on rooftops in the city. Meanwhile, Eren limps his way to Zeke so they can link up and probably activate the Rumbling.

Gabi and Colt want to help, but the only thing they can do is try and rescue Falco. Falco is locked up with the other Eldian soldiers who drank the Zeke spinal fluid wine. Armin’s group releases them so that they too can help fight the Marleyans and save Eren. Even Commander Pixis is freed and takes charge of everyone.

Mikasa chooses not to wear her scarf into battle.

Yelena is crazy and happy. She has a doubting face at first about letting Armin’s team go, but then she puts on a smile. Creepy face has already turned into a meme.

A kind Eldian soldier helps Falco slip away to join up with Gabi and Colt. We get flashes of peace and empathy between the two sides. Then Gabi overhears Sasha’s sister who wants to kill Gabi and all Marleyans for killing Sasha. Reminding us that this is all a vicious cycle. 

And in a funny moment, Falco confesses his love to Gabi, because they could die at any moment now. Total Chad move.

Cart Titan cleverly pretends to have died out to pull off a sneak attack with the cannon. They hit Beast’s neck with it! But Zeke ain’t dead yet, and can still scream to create an army of titans!

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