Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 3 Review - Do Eren and Zeke Make Contact?

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 2, we get another nail-biter of an episode!

It picks up right where the last ep left off - Zeke/Beast Titan has been shot in the nape by the anti-Titan cannon. He falls over. Eren/Founder Titan continues to limp his way over to Zeke so they can make contact. Porco/Jaw Titan chomps at his ankle to stop his movement. Founder Titan hardens his hand and bashes the Jaw Titan’s skull in! Gross! Love it!

One more pounding would have killed Porco, but Magath and Pieck snipe his hand right off before that happens! Floch’s unit of Yaegerists then start attacking Pieck to take her out of the fight. Armin realizes they have to take her down, but he himself needs saving from Marleyans hiding, firing their guns from within buildings. Mikasa pulls him to safety while Connie blows them away with a thunder spear. Booyah!

Yelena sits down like some wise sage enjoying the scene. Crazy woman.

Reiner/Armored Titan holds down Eren. He reaches out to wake up Porco, but physical contact triggers Reiner’s memories of Marcel confessing he tried to stop Porco from becoming a warrior (one of the Nine).

Colt and Falco Grice reach Zeke. Colt begs Zeke not to scream, until Falco is clear, as he drank Zeke’s wine. It pains Zeke, but he screams anyway.

It’s like setting off multiple explosions all over the city all at once. Poor Commander Pixis transforms. Tons of Eldian soldiers transform. And, poor Falco transforms, right in front of Gabi.

Colt embraced Falco right as it happened, and his body was burnt to a crisp as a result. Another casualty. Zeke commands Falco Titan to attack Armored and keep him busy. Falco goes after Armored’s nape, wanting to transform into one of the Nine himself.

Pieck/Magath get a shot off and blow off Beast’s head. Then his body melts away. But while their focus was on Beast and Eren, Armin was able to get the drop on them, and Thunder Spear them! 

Falco’s about to eat Reiner, who accepts it. But Porco comes out in human form and sacrifices himself, to protect Reiner just as Marcel protected Porco in the past. Falco gobbles up Porco.

Gabi’s pretty much lost her mind from all the loss. 

Reiner punches Founder, but Founder hardens, trapping Reiner in crystal. Eren ejects his titan and runs to Zeke in human form. Zeke was alive, only playing dead by melting his Beast form. But right before Eren reaches Zeke, Gabi snipes his head clear off. Makes it spin!

Joke’s on her, though, Zeke is good at baseball and catches Eren’s head! That’s contact right before he dies.

Eren is transported to the Coordinate, where Zeke has been waiting for years before him. Founder Ymir is here, too. Eren reveals he was lying about agreeing to Zeke’s plan to euthanize Eldians.

But clever-ass Zeke was only pretending to be imprisoned by the vow renouncing war, he learned to nullify it. And Founder Ymir does what he says because of his royal blood. Zeke put on this show to find out how Eren truly felt. Then Zeke headbutts Eren and the ep ends!

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