Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 4 Review - A Shocking Revelation about Adult Eren and Grisha

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 3, we get a less action-packed ep this time around. But still filled with shockers!

Apparently, Zeke thinks his younger brother Eren was brainwashed by their evil, selfish father, Grisha. And as a result does not want to kill off all Eldians and end the cycle of violence. So that headbutt was for Zeke and Eren to travel through the memories of their father.

He starts at the moment Eren was a baby. Zeke says their father was awful for leaving him and his mother. Let’s conveniently forget it was Zeke who ratted out his parents to the Marleyan soldiers.

They travel down a few more memories, and Zeke says their evil father cozied up with people in power to get to his goal. Eren sarcastically agrees with Zeke that Grisha was a scumbag and asks if they can stop the stroll down memory lane. But nope, Zeke keeps going.

Then both Zeke and Eren find out that Grisha actually learned about the sacred hideout of the Royal family long before he killed that family. And Grisha actually hesitated, and stopped from moving forward with their killing that would restore Eldia. Instead, he went back to his family and hugged Eren. This disproves that Grisha was completely selfish. He loved his second son. 

But the next memory proved that he also loved Zeke and his first family. Zeke was wrong. Not only that, but it seems because of the Coordinate, that “memory” of Grisha can actually see the Zeke who is traveling through memories, from present to past. Even if it’s only a little.

Zeke still thinks Eren grew up and has always done what his father wanted. And he asks Eren why he betrayed him. But Eren replies he’s just being himself, not controlled by their dad. “That pitiful little brother you’re looking for doesn’t exist,” Eren says.

Then we get to the memory where Grisha confronts the Royal Family. He begs King Frieda to kill the attacking titans, for the safety of his family. But the King rejects his plea and is also under the control of the vow not to commit war, saying Eldians must suffer for the sins of their people, the sins of the past. Zeke likes this King. Grisha says the people right now don’t even have memories of their race’s past. It’s not fair that they die!

Grisha feels he has no choice but to kill the family by transforming into the Attack Titan, but he stops himself. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. Because adult Eren, the time traveler, whispers in Grisha’s ear, he finally decides to kill them.

So that’s the big reveal. All this time… Adult Eren was the mastermind. Pulling his father’s strings. He was essentially able to time travel in order to control his father and start the chain of events that we saw throughout the series! Zeke is dumbfounded by this revelation. Zeke thought he was clever, but Eren trumped him. This is 4D chess here! The ep ends with Grisha hugging adult Zeke, past and present physically interacting completely now. He begs Zeke to stop Eren.

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