Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 5 Review - Eren Persuades Founder Ymir to Give Him Her Power

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 4, we get a short recap of Grisha killing almost the entire Royal Family. He actually hugs future Zeke who is watching the “memory” with Eren. Grisha begs Zeke to stop Eren from destroying the world.

Zeke and Eren then flash back to the Coordinate. Zeke speculates that Grisha acted as he did because Eren showed him what he saw of the future. Eren actually mentions that he saw all of this coming, even Zeke’s betrayal at the Coordinate, when he kissed Historia’s hand four years ago.

Zeke desperately commands Ymir to euthanize all Subjects of Ymir. Ymir walks to the light about to obey, but Eren is able to break free of his chains, even ripping off a finger to do so. So that he can get to Ymir before it’s too late.

Then a flashback to Freida teaching young Historia opens up. And they talk about the origin of the Founder Ymir. We creepily never see Ymir’s eyes. 

She was a kind girl to everyone in her village. Then some conquerors came to her village and enslaved her and everyone else. Her tongue was cut out.

All of the fellow slaves turned on Ymir when they were about to be punished by their warlord. Ymir was set free so that she could be brutally hunted.

While being hunted, Ymir takes refuge inside a giant tree. She falls into a pool of water. At first it looks like she’s going to drown, but  a strange centipede-like creature swims up to her and transforms her into the first Titan!

Some time passes and the ruler of Eldia rewards Ymir. As a Titan, she built up their people, and killed their enemies, the Marleyans. I thought for sure we’d see Ymir take revenge on her conquerors. But I didn’t see that. Am I missing something? Anyways, he “rewards” Ymir by taking her as a concubine or something. So she has to have his children. Gross.

She bears three daughters - Maria, Rose and Sina.

Then, someone tries to assassinate the Eldian King, and Ymir jumps in front of the spear and sacrifices herself to save this creep. The king has her body cut up and forces her kids to eat it, to gain Ymir’s powers. And he forces every generation after to do the same, so that the Subjects of Ymir all share the Titan blood/power. In all this time, the spirit of Ymir toils for multiple millennia at the Coordinate, shaping Titans out of sand. 

Back in the present, Eren promises Ymir that he’ll end the cycle of this world. He convinces her to let her make her own choices. So she chooses to lend her power to Eren. Finally we see Ymir’s eyes, filled with tears and rage! 

In the real world, the centipede creature goes into Eren’s severed head, and he comes back to life as a Titan far more massive than the Colossal Titan. He awakens the Titans of the wall and the Rumbling finally begins!

Armin is with Mikasa, and he deduces that they won. Eren is on their side, about to destroy the Marleyan forces. Then Armin realizes this endless army of Colossal Titans is way too much fire power for that goal. So Eren must want something else. 

Elsewhere, Yelena sees the Colossal Army and realizes Zeke failed. 

Then Eren telepathically reaches out to every Subject of Ymir all over the world, saying he will protect his people. And destroy all life on earth to do so!

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