Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 6 Review - Gabi Wants to Save Falco

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 5, Eren has started the Rumbling! An army of Colossal Titans marches uniformly off the island to kill Marleyans and the rest of the world. 

As we saw in the last ep, Eren telepathically speaks to all Subjects of Ymir. Even the honorary Marleyans far away from Paradis. Explaining his plan.

Gabi and Reiner form up. Reiner deduces Connie and Jean took Falco, as he is one of the Nine now and important. Reiner’s badly injured because his armor (as the Armored Titan) disappeared or something, and parts of the wall hit him in titan form.

Filled with despair for the human race, Reiner passes out. But Gabi doesn’t give up. She ties up her hair. Dun dun duuuun! Almost showing as much character development as a girl who cuts her hair off.

Elsewhere, Armin, Mikasa, Jean and Connie have formed up, and they do indeed have an unconscious Falco. They debate what to do next. Armin thinks Eren’s plan is wrong, it’s a massacre. Jean thinks Eren was right for saving his friends from euthenasia.

Close by, they notice regular Titans (the ones that drank Zeke’s spinal fluid) are still killing indiscriminately. Armin wonders why Eren hasn’t controlled them to stop.

Jean says he plans to feed Falco to Titan Pixis to save Pixis’ life. But Connie wants to feed Falco to his mom, who has been stuck not moving for four years as a Titan. Armin doesn’t want to kill off the kid at all, because he thinks someone will come back to avenge him and the violence will continue.

A Titan interrupts their argument, and Connie uses the chance to run away with Falco’s body.

At the fortress, Yelena despairs, figuring Zeke has been defeated.

Sasha’s family is running, trying to escape a Titan. Just as Kaya is about to be eaten, Gabi kills the Titan and rescues her.

A couple Yaegerists almost find out Gabi is a Marleyan, but Sasha’s family covers for her. Saving her right back.

Then the pushback against the Titans begins. With Shadis leading the remaining Scout Legion against them. Armin, Jean and Mikasa also work with the Scout Legion and Yaegerists to kill the remaining Titans with thunder spears. And those Titans include Pixis. RIP.

The Titan threat is ended. Floch shows up, still alive. Still a jerk.

Armin and Mikasa meet up with Sasha’s family, and inform Gabi that Falco has been taken to be eaten. But from Gabi they learn Eren was able to remove Reiner’s hardening armor. So Armin deduces that Annie is finally free!

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