Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 7 Review - Annie Escapes with Hitch

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 6, this episode begins in Trost. The Colossal Titans of the Rumbling are moving here, too. Eldians are being killed by the damage, and Hitch is working for the relief efforts.

She notices footsteps. They were made by Annie, released from her hardening. Annie tries to catch Hitch, but she’s in a weakened state from just awakening after four years. Annie threatens to transform into the Female Titan. She might not be able to, but Hitch can’t take that risk so she does what Annie says.

The two take a horse and escape from the city together. Annie reveals that she’s been conscious all that time while hardened. She could hear Hitch talking to her, complaining about men. She could hear Armin when he came to talk to her, too. Then when she was released, she even saw the dream where Eren communicated with all Subjects of Ymir.

While riding, Hitch asks Annie what she feels when she’s killed people for her Marleyan mission. Before, she felt nothing. It was a means to improve her standing and earn recognition. She was trained by a man who took her in as a baby. He was really tough on her, and trained her to be a cold killer.

But one day, right before she traveled to Paradis for her mission, the man apologized to her and told her everything he taught her was wrong. He saw her as his own daughter. And wanted her to come back home. So her goal is to get back home to her adoptive father.

In Marley, at the same time, Annie’s father and many honorary Marleyans try to warn the Marley army that Eren Yeagar’s Rumbling has begun and the Colossal Titans are coming to kill everyone. But the army doesn’t believe them.

In desperation, Annie’s father looks like he’s about to fight the Marley soldiers who won’t listen.

Meanwhile in Shiganshina, Scout Legion members warn Shadis that the Yeagerists are coming for him. Shadis says he’ll sacrifice himself so that his men can live. He advises them to follow along with the Yeagerists so that they can survive.

Armin tells Mikasa he’s going to go after Connie to try to stop him from feeding Falco to his Titan mother. To earn Gabi’s trust, and afterward, get on the good side of Reiner and the Cart Titan.

Mikasa asks what she should do, and Armin says she should help Jean. As for Eren, it’s looking like he’s a lost cause. There’s nothing he can do to solve that problem. Then Armin regrets that he snapped at Mikasa, believing Commander Erwin would never have done that. And that Erwin should have lived instead of him. Then Mikasa realizes her scarf is gone.

Gabi says goodbye to Kaya and the Blouse family and leaves with Armin.

Floch is taking charge as the highest in command of the Yaegerists, killing any who stand in his way. It seems he convinces Jean to join his side.

Pieck and Maggath are in the forest. They don’t know what they can do. Then Hange approaches them, with Levi bandaged and lying on a cart.

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