Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 8 Review - Hange, Levi, Magath and Pieck Begin an Alliance

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 7, this ep backtracks a little to Hange and Levi on the run in the forest. Hange unfortunately has to kill any Scout Legion around because they’re Yeagerists.

Hange stitches up unconscious Levi and treats him best she can. But she has no idea what to do. She, like everyone else, experienced the dream made by Eren, so she knows the situation is bleak.

Flash forward to the end of the last ep - Eren and Hange explain to Magath and Pieck why they should team up - their interests align.

Elsewhere, Connie and Falco are riding alone together, making their way to Connie’s mom. But Falco doesn’t know it. Connie’s trying to think of a way to trick Falco into getting eaten. Connie’s conscience eats at him, but he continues with his plan. Armin and Gabi are rushing to stop him.

The next day, Connie reveals the Titan lying down in Ragako Village. His big lie? He tells Falco they should brush its teeth together! I love this series’ tension-breaking humor.

Right after that terrible lie, Armin and Gabi arrive and reveal the truth. But Connie holds Falco hostage by blade and makes his way up the ladder over the mom Titan.

Armin moves into action - he uses his gear to get right above the mom Titan’s mouth. Believing Erwin should have lived instead of him, he’s willing to sacrifice himself to save Falco and give Connie his mom back. He drops in, but Connie swoops in and saves him from his mom’s closing mouth at the last second. Then Connie makes amends.

Meanwhile, Mikasa gets her scarf back from the girl who had it, the hopeless Yeagerist who idolized her. She’s going to die. No one cares.

Floch continues to rally the Yeagerists. And Jean looks like he’s bought into their side, too.

Armin’s group returns to the city where the people are in celebration, eating and drinking that the Rumbling has happened. They eat at a table, discussing finding Reiner and Annie. Annie is actually right next to them. Pigging out on pie! Connie’s first reaction is to bust out laughing at Annie eating so crazy. Again, that famous AoT humor! Love it!

Hitch comes back but Annie (and the others) are gone. Annie left a note that she had to go.

Elsewhere, on a roof, Floch holds a public execution of Yelena and Onyankopon by handgun. It looks like Jean is going to help with the execution. He fires his gun four times.

But that was just the signal to start the rescue plan. The Cart Titan runs in out of nowhere at eats Jean, Yelena and Onyankopon! Jean pushes Floch out of the way and gets eaten instead, as if he meant to save Floch. Floch needs to die already.

Meanwhile, with everyone distracted by that ruckus, Armin and Mikasa’s group take unconscious Reiner and a bunch of supplies by two wagons, escaping the city.

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