Combatants Will Be Dispatched! - Episode 10 Review - Who Is the Best Leader? Astaroth, Belial or Lilith?

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 10 follow.

For the first time ever, this episode focuses almost completely on what’s going on at the Kisaragi Corporation. It’s like this show has two separate harem groups, and we finally get to spend time with the other one. This would probably be called a filler ep, but even if it is, I liked it!

The Kisaragi Corp is celebrating their recent hard-won victory over the heroes with a rooftop party. As the big bosses, Astaroth, Lilith and Belial are secluded in their own private area above it all.

Back at Six’s unit, Six is complaining as usual to Alice and Tiger Man about almost dying. Since Astaroth apparently prohibited him from going into negative evil points when they needed resources. Before he can contact Astaroth, he spots the live feed that Lilith is secretly recording. She’s taking some serious lewd footage of Astaroth and Belial in their hot bikinis, using them to increase the amount of subscriptions to her channel. That’s such a real life motivation, it caught me by surprise!

At the same time, results for a company-wide survey are being shared with the party. The question is - Who is your ideal boss? At first, Belial is on top. Astaroth is second, and Lilith is dead last as usual. 

The secret live footage that Lillith broadcasts catches Astaroth saying some sweet and kind things about her employees, which boosts her to #1 in the survey. If you discount the two times that Lilith cheated to get to first place! 

For an evil corporation, Lilith does seem to be the only one doing evil things. But she gets blasted by Astaroth and Belial pretty hard for cheating. And for airing that footage. Especially because Astaroth also said some very private things about her feelings for Six!

Astaroth has a video call with Six and asks him who he voted for. Before she can get an answer, the party is interrupted by a ton of heroes attacking! Their sweet conversation had to end abruptly so that they could go to battle.

Oh, and in the end, we find out Alice is the one who cut off Six’s negative points. She’s going to have them enabled in the future, but extort him for it. Evil.

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