Combatants Will Be Dispatched! - Episode 9 Review - Six and Rose Fight Each Other for Survival

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 9 follow.

This was an unusually well-paced episode. The screen time was focused almost entirely on our main cast members, all together on a single adventure. And it took some pretty bizarre twists and turns. But overall, I feel it worked.

Continuing from the last ep, Six’s unit has made it to the Sand King’s lands. They’re able to get more than enough water nuts for their mission. But then things go all wrong when the Sand King appears! Which happens to look like a massive mole-rat. It’s probably the biggest mole I’ve seen in an anime. Probably.

The Sand King starts chasing the unit in their vehicle. Alice does the only thing she can to get away - she has the group jump out of the moving jeep. The gang’s lives are safe, but the jeep crashes and explodes. And all the water nuts they got are lost.

So the mission is a failure, but even worse, the unit is now stuck in the desert without rations or transportation. The group begins their journey home on foot. Grimm passes out pretty quickly and has to be carried by Rose. Without food, the unit has to eat the first thing they find. Six is mortified when the creature they have to eat is a sentient orc! And of all things, he has to eat the balls!

At night, Alice uses evil points to purchase a tent for them to rest in. They need more evil points to get resources to survive, so Alice says for Six to steal Snow’s panties. Snow is obviously against this. Six and Alice end up getting some points by looking up Grimm’s skirt as she lies unconscious. But eventually even this method runs dry. By the fourth day, Grimm dies. Which is something Grimm often does.

Finally Snow gives Six permission to look up her skirt for points. They’re all desperate and starving. But Six doesn’t earn any points, which means Snow actually likes him looking. Being told that pisses Snow off, and she whacks Six.

The next night, Six tells Snow he wants to strip her naked. I’ve never seen so much anime perversion linked to survival as a rationale. Snow refuses and is even willing to fight, but passes out from exhaustion.

Rose apologizes to Six because of what she’s about to do. This whole time, Six has confused the hungry look in her eye as horniness that manifests from near-death experiences. What an idiot. She’s always hungry, dude.

Eventually they realize they misunderstood each other. Rose wants to beat Six in a fight for the right to eat him. Six fights back and just barely wins. The fight gives him enough evil points to teleport a new jeep and some refreshments to them.

The gang makes it home. And Tillis says they now need to find a super weapon before the demons do.

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