Combatants Will Be Dispatched! - Episode 8 Review - Tillis Sends Six's Unit to Negotiate with Toris

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 8 follow.

The Kingdom of Grace is running out of water. Supposedly saying “dick festival” in front of people will make the rain artifact work, as Six and Alice fixed it that way. But Tillis refuses to say it. And the king has up and vanished so he can’t say it either. Tillis sends Six’s unit to negotiate with the neighboring kingdom Toris during a ballroom party. Toris has water stones that can solve their problem.

Tillis’ plan is to have Snow seduce the lecherous prince of Toris, Prince Engel. And after being caught in such a scandal, negotiations should be easier for the Kingdom of Grace.

That was the plan anyways. At the party, the girls in Six’s unit are all causing problems. For once, it’s not Six’s perverted actions that are the issue. Rose is eating in front of everyone like a pig. Grimm is trying to seduce random men she finds handsome, while she’s barefooted. And Snow is hoping to bag the rich prince, not only for the mission but also because she’s money-grubbing, as always.

While exploring the castle, Six and Alice run into two unexpected guests - Heine and another one of the Elite Four, Russel. Six goes into combat mode right away and manhandles Heine, even fondling her boobs. As expected of a perv like Six. Heine reveals that she and Russel are not there to fight. They’re there to negotiate with Prince Engel.

Back in the ballroom, all is revealed. Negotiating with the Demon race is looking appealing to Prince Engel, as the demons have already been buying the leftover water stones that Grace originally rejected. Also, the reason demons were at war with humans in the first place was because the demon lands were being overrun by the Sand King, making their lands inhabitable. This forced them to try expanding their territory into the human lands. But for more water stones, the Demon race is willing to put an end to the war.

At this point, both Snow and Heine try to use their sexy lewd bodies on Prince Engel to earn his favor. They both rub their boobs on him. But neither are able to seduce him. That’s because earlier in the evening Grimm shot a curse ball at Six when she was mad. The curse was meant to cause impotence. He dodged it, and it must have hit Prince Engel instead! Now he doesn’t care about women.

Seeing two hotties fight over Prince Engel, Six’s harem jealousy takes over. And he plays a horrible prank on the prince. He unzips his pants and rests his penis on the prince’s head, in front of everyone!

After this unforgivable act, Toris has now declared war on Grace. Things didn’t go as planned at all.

Tillis has a new idea for water. Six’s unit has to get a water nut from the Sand King’s territory. Which just might be a suicide mission!

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