Combatants Will Be Dispatched! - Episode 7 Review - Alice Thinks Grimm is a Con Artist

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 7 follow.

You might call this a filler episode, but I think it was great. It definitely felt like an episode of KonoSuba. That series even gets a shoutout in the ep, given the parody name “KonoSawa.”

It begins with Six having a zoom call with Astaroth. They’re arguing, but the main points to take away are that Six is staying in the Kingdom of Grace for the foreseeable future, and Kisaragi Corporation has their hands full fighting the heroes of earth. Astaroth wants him to return but Six thinks they got things covered without him. Plus, he’s probably just afraid to deal with a tougher enemy.

Later, we’re introduced to a new character - Tiger Man. He is literally… a tiger man. A mutant that Kisaragi sent to aid in the invasion. He’s a fun sunglasses-wearing character who speaks with “nyan” added to his phrases. I hope we see more of him.

Tiger Man spars with Six, who’s using Snow’s sword without permission. They accidentally break her sword, and of course Snow finds out and is heartbroken by this. Luckily, Tiger Man is willing to make amends by giving up his own sword to Snow. Which is a good thing, because a battle happens right at that moment.

Unfortunately, it’s a battle we don’t get to see. Six’s unit is victorious and celebrates at a local pub. Alice brings up that she’s doing research on the planet’s creatures and the occult, so Snow takes Six and Alice to observe animals in the forest the next day.

The three get lucky and witness a giant mokemoke fighting. One thing leads to another, and eventually Six forms a bond with the silly looking mokemoke. Only for Snow to come out of nowhere and kill it for dinner! Oof!

Back in the tavern, Alice mocks magic and Grimm. She says everything can be explained with science and that Grimm must be a con artist. Grimm is offended by this and takes Alice and Six outside to summon a great evil spirit. She was hoping for a ghost but instead she summons a greater devil. A sexy one at that! And it’s willing to grant any wish.

But Alice remains unconvinced. It was hilarious when Alice wished for one or two planets. It proved to be more than the devil could accomplish, so it left defeated.

Lastly, we see Tillis musing over the next big problem - the kingdom is running out of water.

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