Combatants Will Be Dispatched! - Episode 6 Review - Six Defeats Gadalkand

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 6 follow.

The episode fastforwards just a little bit after the end of the previous ep. Heine’s and Gadalkand’s forces have already made it through the castle’s gates. Grace’s armies have done their best against the enemy but soldiers are dying left and right.

Grimm is able to stop the advance of the golems with her curse magic. Her sacrifices to Zenarith are rings belonging to couples in the city. So petty of her, I love her! Rose does her best to protect Snow and hold back Gadalkand, but he’s just too tough. The two girls occupy Gadalkand and Heine so that Snow can retreat to protect Tillis.

Six and Alice meanwhile are forcing Tillis to flee with them. They want to take the city’s people and escape, to reduce the number of casualties. It’s the logical and “evil” thing to do. But Snow meets up with them and points out that it will mean the death of Grimm and Rose. Snow feels helpless. After all she’s done, she can hardly do anything against the enemy.

She pleads with Six to stop the enemy and save them. She apologizes for kicking him out of the unit and calls him Commander. What’s more, since Six has no evil points left, she’s willing to let him do anything he wants to her in order for them to win. Yeesh, these plot devices are always so cringey. Such obvious gags. Instead of kissing her or groping her boobs, Six pulls down her panties. It’s evil enough to give Six the points he needs to summon an anti-material rifle.

That rifle takes out all the golems from a sniper distance! Gadalkand and Heine take the rest of their minions to assault Six and Alice in the tower. Things are looking grim (no pun intended), but Six is able to summon a R-buzzsaw. He plugs it into his combat suit and goes all out, eviscerating Gadalkand and his minions limb from limb! The whole room is destroyed by it, almost killing Snow in the process!

In the end, Heine retreats after accepting a one-month long truce. With the enemy defeated, Six and Alice almost leave to return to Kisaragi, but the girls convince him to stay. And Snow has a touching moment with Snow. She thinks he loves her. But then he ruins it by saying he just wanted an easy one-night stand.

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Oh, and Six gets some revenge on that ugly bald strategist guy.

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