Combatants Will Be Dispatched! - Episode 5 Review - Six and Alice Leave the Army But Returns

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 5 follow.

This episode is very fast-paced. Continuing from the previous one, Snow has just caught Six saying he’s a spy. She doesn’t let Six explain. But instead of turning him in, she tells Six and Alice to leave the Kingdom of Grace.

The next day, Snow is placed back into her old position thanks to the ugly strategist guy. She feels a bit of remorse for what she did, but she’s still angry with Six. Grimm and Rose inform Snow that an attack from the Demon Lord’s army is coming within the next few days.

Meanwhile, Six and Alice have moved into some place. They plan to continue with their mission to invade this planet, which will require building a teleporter that will take a month to make. Six looks bothered that he’s been separated from his unit, but he denies this to Alice. He talks big and says he doesn’t care about this planet. Alice lets him know that the Demon Lord’s army will most likely attack soon in great numbers. She convinces Six to help defend against the invasion.

Six prepares by sexually harassing women to earn evil points. He runs around town opening the zipper to his pants. The next day, flyers appear all over town with an image of Six being dubbed “Zipperman.” He’s the town laughing stock.

Later Six and Alice prepare for the arrival of the enemy by burying landmines. They then learn that the “Chosen One” was randomly teleported away during a battle with one of the Elite Four, Faustless of the Wind. It’s unknown where he went, and he may even be dead. Without the Chosen One to defend the kingdom, Six and Alice plan to run. But Princess Tillis convinces them to stay to observe the battle and warn other kingdoms if this one falls. Tillis has also discovered that Six and Alice are spies, but she doesn’t mind.

So Six and Alice go back to the castle. They have a friendly reunion with the rest of the unit. Six bickers again with Snow, as friends do.

The next day, Heine marches with her forces. A number of them are destroyed by the mines. She herself falls for the magicite trap left by Six and Alice. By the time she reaches the city, she looks all beat up.

In one part of the episode, Tillis does a water trick by praying to a water goddess. I believe this is an easter egg reference to Aqua from Konosuba.

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