Combatants Will Be Dispatched! - Episode 4 Review - Round 2 of Six vs. Heine

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 4 follow.

Unfortunately, the ugly nameless strategy guy is a recurring antagonist in this isekai show. He pretends to be a fan of Six in front of the general so that he can suggest Six fight Heine and her forces. In actuality, he’s hoping Heine Six off. Six realizes this.

The next day, Six leads a battalion of the Kingdom of Grace’s soldiers. He doesn’t want to really engage the enemy, again, because he knows that’s what the strategist wants. But Heine appears with her army and a golem, and everyone ends up fighting anyway.

Grace’s battalion takes on the small fries. Rose goes after Heine’s griffin because she wants to eat it and hopes she’ll get the ability to fly. Snow goes after Heine because she wants the glory of winning and also wants to try out her sword, Iceberg. And Grimm… is passed out asleep again. Alice is tasked to wake her up because Six needs her to use her curse powers.

Meanwhile, Six takes on the Golem. First, Six tries shooting the Golem with his sidearm, which does nothing. Then he punches the golem, which creates a small hole in its chest. But that doesn’t faze it. The Golem is so strong, Six has to remove the limiters from his combat suit. That pumps up his strength enough for him to throw the golem in the air. And Alice uses that opportunity to shove C4 that she teleported in from Kisaragi right into the Golem’s chest hole. The explosion wipes out the golem.

But now Six has a new problem. His suit has a 3 minutes cool down. Now he can’t move. Reminds me of Megumin a little. He has Grimm (woken up after getting hit from a tiny bit of Golem debris), Rose, and Alice protect him. Which is good, because Heine has come to fight them. Apparently, she defeated Snow by melting Iceberg.

Heine overhears that Six can’t move. She’s about to hit him with a killing blow when Grimm freezes her with her curse ability. Now it’s Heines turn to stall for time. She again invites Six to join the demon army, promising succubuses will take care of his every need. 

Six almost accepts the offer, but Snow butts in just in time. She swings her knife at Heine, which dislodges a magicite gem from her jewelry. Without it, she’s pretty much powerless. With the gem in Six’s possession, Heine is forced to pose lewd for Six’s photography, hoping he’ll return it to her. But he never promised to do that. So Heine and her forces retreat!

Six and the battalion return home and celebrate. The strategist guy meets with Snow secretly. She wants her to get proof he’s a spy. Snow comes to Six’s room where she happens to overhear that he is indeed a spy and confronts him about it!

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