Combatants Will Be Dispatched! - Episode 3 Review - More on Rose's Origin

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 3 follow.

After Combat Agent Six’s victory in the last episode, he strolls into the war council’s meeting and explains how he drove off the enemy. Somehow, the council, especially the ugly war strategist, was too stupid to understand that cutting off the enemy’s food and supplies would lead to the enemy’s defeat. To be honest, the Kingdom of Grace is being ridiculously illogical to me, and not in an interesting way.

Then Princess Tillis teaches Six about the Chosen One who is fated to defeat the Demon Lord. For a moment, Six thinks it’s him. But Tillis says it’s actually his brother. Oops. 

Later, we get a funny moment between Rose, Six, and Alice. Alice is trying to force Rose to eat a grasshopper so that she gains the attributes of one. As much as Alice loves eating things, a grasshopper is not one of them. She talks about her grandfather, who is actually the man who found her sleeping in a stasis tube. The man researched a magic stone said to do miracles, but died accidentally while practicing forbidden magic. So Rose continues to fight with the army to find answers to who she is and continue the man’s research. After hearing her story, Alice and Six think she’s perfect to be groomed as part of the Kisaragi Corporation.

After this, the war council announces that misfortune falls on Tillis' brother. He’s seriously injured trying to raid Duster Tower, where demons Rista of Knowledge and Gil of Power reside. Six suggests starting a fire on the ground floor of the tower to barbecue the enemy. But again, the council chooses bravery and stupidity over logic. They use their forces to fight the enemy head on, climbing up to the top of the spiral tower. It’s a method that again leads to many casualties for the Kingdom of Grace.

Six doesn’t take part in the raid. Snow calls him a coward and joins the fight head on. But just as Six predicted, she comes crawling back hours later, tired from the battle. Six then uses Alice’s device to climb up the outside wall of the tower, bypassing all the fighting. 

When Six gets to the top, he earns some more precious Evil Points by defeating Rista and Gil in an underhanded way that involves throwing rocks at them. He even extorts the treasure from Rista by taking Gil hostage.

Again, Snow is disgusted with Six’s methods. But she admits they were effective in winning. Both Six and Alice get bags filled with gold. Alice is especially moved by receiving a gift for once in her life.

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