Combatants Will Be Dispatched! - Episode 2 Review - The Introduction of Rose and Grimm

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 2 follow.

The first episode was just okay in my opinion. This second episode piqued my amusement much more.

Now that Alice and Six are official knights of the Kingdom of Grace, their first assignment is to form an official unit. That means selecting soldiers from the army to join them. It’s filled with capable looking women and old men, as most young men have died in battle.

Alice goes through the resumes and selects two females who have many kills on their record. The first is an artificial combat chimera named Rose. She introduces herself in a chuunibyou style, but don’t get your hopes up that she’s another Megumin. She only spoke that way because she was told to do so in “the last words” of her grandfather.

Rose has quite an appetite and absorbs the powers of the demon creatures she eats. Which is why she has a tail, wings, and a horn. I like Rose, she seems sweet and naive. As far as small characters go, I’m enjoying her gags more than Alice’s.

The next person that Alice selects to join them is a wheelchair-bound bishoujo named Grimm. She worships Zenarith, the god of Undeath and Disaster. She has a sultry and flirty personality and hits on Six right as they meet! But her erotic nature descends into embarrasment when Six does his pervy thing and straight up pulls up her skirt to see her thong panties.

With the team formed, everyone goes to fight an enemy camp. Even though Snow thinks it’s cowardly, Alice and Six convince her that the best strategy is to crush the enemy’s supply lines. They attack a supply caravan successfully, but that catches the attention of Heine, one of the Demon Lord’s Elite Four. She’s another big-breasted thot-looking character that Six pervs over. 

They start fighting but a scarier Elite Four demon named Gadalkand shows up. He brutally murders Grimm right away! Bastard! But before Six can get revenge, he flies off because he’s summoned.

Six is distraught over the loss of Grimm, but Snow and Rose inform him that she can be revived if taken to a temple altar. They do so, and sure enough, she revives by nightfall! 

Six is the only one who waits by her side to welcome her back. Grimm has never been shown such kindness, so she thanks him. She’s always thrown into tough missions to die because the army thinks she’s creepy. Six’s and Grimm’s conversation is the sweetest moment yet in the series. Then the two go on a silly date!

As I hoped, I’m enjoying the series more now that the full main cast has been introduced. Grimm is definitely my favorite character, and Six is showing that he possesses more than a pervy side.

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