Combatants Will Be Dispatched! - Episode 11 Review - Six Almost Kills Russell

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Warning: Spoilers follow.

After last week’s episode heavily focusing on Astaroth, Belial, and Lilith, it was nice that this episode went back to following the hijinks of the main cast.

Alice hatches a plan that involves Tiger Man going off to the jungle to ambush the Demon Lord’s army. Meanwhile, Six’s unit infiltrates ruins in Toris to get a powerful secret weapon.

Six’s unit takes a jeep to the ruins. Snow is bummed out being her pay was docked. She quickly regains her motivation when Alice promises her an allowance if she helps to successfully steal the weapon.

At the site, Six’s unit does some reconnaissance. They see the Demon Lord’s men camping outside of it. Six’s and Alice’s evil influence has rubbed off on Snow. Snow suggests killing the men while they sleep to make the job easier. While Grimm and Rose scold her for coming up with something so dishonorable, Six and Alice reject her place because they have an even more wicked idea in mind. They’ll let the Demon Lord’s men investigate the ruins ahead of them, activating all the traps. Then, when the Demon Lord’s forces are exhausted, Six’s unit will sweep in and defeat the demons easily, especially the Elite Four members. And they’ll steal the secret weapon off of them.

The next day goes exactly as planned. Six’s unit enters the ruins soon after the demons.  The ruins seem as if they were built by a long lost highly advanced civilization. Snow wants to stop often to steal things in the ruins that she thinks she can sell for a high price.

Up ahead, Heine and Russell are the only demons left. They’re able to destroy several robots. Six’s Unit spies on them from a safe distance. Rose, Grimm, and Snow feel guilty about the plan, especially because Heine and Russell are working so hard and genuinely do their best to protect one another. Six and Alice don’t feel bad about it at all. That’s the evil Kisaragi Corporation way, after all.

Finally, the demons make it to the secret weapon, which is a large mecha. Six sneaks up behind Russell and kicks him in the balls. Surprisingly, Russell almost dies from this hit. Six and Alice heal him because they feel bad for almost killing a kid. But they still hold Heine ransom, ordering Russell to activate the secret weapon for them.

Russell uses his chimera abilities to get into the mecha. And Heine is able to escape by teleporting herself to the safety of the demon headquarters. Six tries to stop her from getting away but only manages to grab her top off of her. Nice gag.

Russell is furious with Six’s unit for what they did. Back in front of the ruins, it looks like Russell will destroy them! Only one episode in the season left to find out how it all ends!

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