Combatants Will Be Dispatched! - Episode 12 Review - Six Fights Mecha Russell

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Warning: Spoilers follow.

Last ep ended with a cliffhanger. Six’s unit was stuck inside some ruins with Russell destroying the structure from the outside with the secret weapon mecha. Inevitably, Russell would be able to get through and kill them.

The group each reacts in their own way to the problem. Snow says they have to survive. She’s motivated by her greed, as she’s been able to pick up a lot of rare items from the ruins. Grimm offers to use her curse magic. But when testing it out on Alice, it backfires and knocks her out. Rose suggests that she negotiates with Russell since they’re the same species. But Six can tell she’s scared. And she’s still a kid, practically. So Six promises to take on the mecha himself. 

Alice comes up with a plan which requires Six to stall for time. He’ll have to get into negative evil points. While Alice, Snow, and Rose (carrying unconscious Grimm) head to another part of the ruins to build an unknown object, Six engages Russell. Russell scoffs at Six trying to defeat him when he’s clearly overpowered. But Six lies and claims that his goal is to keep fighting until the mecha runs out of power. As the mecha runs on the energy of the driver, and chimeras have tons of energy, Russell finds that just as laughable. Regardless, the two engage in battle.

Six uses the teleporter to summon a crazy amount of firearms to use on the mecha. None of them get through the armor. And Russell eventually figures out that Six is just stalling for time and turns his attention back to Alice and the rest.

But Six uses his powerful chainsaw at the ankle of the mecha and is actually able to cut it! The cut throws the mecha off balance and it falls. Unfortunately, it falls right on top of Six, catching him.

Immobilized, Russell grabs Six with the mecha arm to squeeze him to death! But Six gets saved by Alice, who has finished building what she wanted. It’s a giant spider mecha called Destroyer that rivals Russell’s mecha in size and strength. It’s also an obvious reference to the giant spider mecha in *KonoSuba*.

The two mecha begin to fight but we don’t get to see the battle at all, probably because of budget constraints. The scene cuts to Six in bed, recovering from his injuries. He’s been out for three days. And in that time, Alice has been taking care of him, even disrobing him to take care of his waste. That’s a true partner.

Since Alice won the fight, Russell is held in their prison. Six tries to negotiate with him to create water for the city, but Russell refuses. That’s when they use the lolicon Tiger Man’s gross lust to get Russell to do what they want. It works. But Tiger Man still gets to dress up Russell like a girl. Weirdo.

And that’s the end of the season!

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